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MOVLAX is a blend of senna , triphla , ajwain , suva , nasotar , yastimadhu etc.
Pharmacology of key active ingredients of MOVLAX
Senna mainly contains sennosides (Anthraquinones) it increases the peristaltic movement of colon by stimulating the mucosa as senna has direct influence on intestinal epithelial cells.
Senna makes the intestine hydrated thus soft the stools.
Anthraquinone glycosides found in senna plants, usually referring to the sennosides A and B, with laxative activity. Sennosides act on and stimulate the lining of the intestine wall, thereby causing increased intestinal muscle contractions leading to vigorous bowel movement.  
TRIPHLA  : Triphla is a formulation of three herbs Amla (Emblica officinalis), baheda (Terminalia belirica )and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

As per the Charak Samhita (Original sanskrit Indian text on Ayurveda) Triphla is one of the best ”Rasayan” – the meaning of Rasayan word is it helps to delay the aging and prevent the diseases.
Now we discuss how Triphla is helpful to achieve complete health.
It helps to boost the immune system.
It removes the toxins from the body.
It is mild laxative in nature.
Triphla helps to maintain normal sugar level in our body.
Triphla has the best anti inflammatory effects thus it helps to prevent major  chronic illness.

AJWAIN : One of the best antispasmodic and carminative herb.

YASTIMADHU : It gives relief from heartburn and abdominal colic.

NASHOTAR : The root bark of nashotar contains 10 % of turpethein and it is the main active ingredient which provide mild laxative effect.

SANCHAL : provide Digestive aid and relieve flatulence.

  • Less frequent bowel movements
  • Hard, dry stools that are difficult and/or painful to pass
  • Excessive gas or abdominal bloating
  • The sensation of a full rectum, even after you have had a bowel movement
Dosage : 1 teaspoonful (5 to 10 gm) of powder 
For tablet : 1 to 2 tablets one hour before bedtime.

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