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Birrmax Tablet

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All powerful aphrodisiac - a blend of Ashwagandha , Mucuna , Gokhru , Safed musli , Akarkaro , Jayphal and Pippali.
Boost and support healthy immune system.
Enhance energy and fertility, reduce anxiety thus supporting sexual performance.
Support a healthy reproductive system - improve libido.
Rejuvenating calming influence on the nervous system consequently on the entire being.
Boost a vigorous energy and strength. A best spermatogenic.  
Supports proper functions of the reproductive system in men.
Support healthy sexual energy and strength. it helps to tone the reproductive organ.
Mucuna helps to build the real and powerful virility , vitality , and libido.
Natuaral source of levodopa (L dopa) which is responsible to stimulate sexually , increase mood and jump the sexual performance.
Increase count and motility of sperm.
it build the muscle power of reproductive system
Gokhru tones the male reproductive system, promoting vitality, control and healthy production of sperm. 
Increase the level of natural endogenous testosterone.
It gives strength to penile tissue and enhances penile erection very effective to address ED.
Rejuvenating tonic for genito urinary system.
Safed musli root extract prevents impairment in sperm characteristics and morphology via preventing elevation of oxidative stress.
It scavenge free radicals and maintain healthy sperm.
Boost vitality , increase sperm count and quality of sperm.
Improve male reproductive functions.
A powerful aphrodisiac and increase the sperm count. 
Akarkaro promotes vitality , increases sperm count and effectively treats premature ejaculation.
Very effective to address the premature ejaculation.
Indications: Oligospermia , Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
Dosage : 2 tablets twice a day. 

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