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Dabur - Giloy Tablet- Immunity Booster (60 + 20 Tablets Free)


Giloy Tablet- Immunity Booster (60 + 20 Tablets Free)

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  • Blood purification- Giloy is considered a natural anti-septic and blood purifier that helps in  control acne, allergies etc by eliminating harmful bacteria and toxins from your blood. In various studies, Giloy has been found to protect against lead induced toxicity &  free radicals during conditions like aflatoxicosis, indicating potential benefits as blood purifier.
  • Immunity Booster- Macrophages are the immune cells, which detect and help destroy the bacteria and other harmful organisms. Giloy helps to increase the phagocytic activity of macrophages. Phagocytosis literally means to “eat the cell” ; macrophages engulf the bacterial cell ultimately killing them.
  • Anti-inflammatory- Prostaglandins are responsible for the inflammation. Giloy has been found to inhibit the release of the prostaglandins thereby helping to relieving inflammations. Thus making it useful against inflammatory conditions.
  • Blood glucose level- Giloy has been reported to augment insulin secretion that can help promote healthy blood sugar level.

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