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Dabur - Amla Tablet - Health Booster (60 + 20 Tablets Free)


Amla Tablet - Health Booster (60 + 20 Tablets Free)

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  • Anti-oxidant- Anti-oxidant properties of Amla helps counter free radicals resulting in reduced oxidative stress, which is responsible for cell damage.  Consuming Amla regularly can help promote healthy cells and may help delay the sign of ageing.
  • Immunity booster- Amla enhances function of immume cells and has strong anti-oxidant properties, which protects and augments the capabilities of the immune system thus resulting in a better fight back to germs
  • Cardioprotective- Amla is observed to decrease Oxidative stress, which is responsible for the daily wear tear and may affect health of vital organs like  heart. Amla also helps to maintain the healthy functions of the heart.
  • Anti-Dyslipidemia- Amla has been found to be effective in controlling bad cholesterol in various studies. Amla tablet consumption may help save your arteries from building plaque.
  • Relieves hyperacidity- Amla is a natural coolant which is helpful in hyperacidity and heartburn.

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