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Baidyanath - Prawal Panchamrut Ras


Prawal Panchamrut Ras

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Prawal Panchamrut Ras provides relieves chronic and persistent digestive, cures hepatic disorders, and helps in curing bloating and anorexic. view detail

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Baidyanath Praval Panchamrit Ras is an Ayurvedic combination made from Praval Bhasma, Moti Pishti, ShankhBhasma, Mukta Shukti Bhasma, Kaudi Bhasma and Aak Dugdha .Pravalpanchamrut has significant results in symptoms of Amlapitta(hyperacidity) such as Aruchi(anorexia), amlodgar(acid reflex), chhardi(vomiting), hrutshul(chest pain), udarshul(abdominal pain).



Ingredient Name

English/Botanical Name



Mukta Bhasma

Calx of pearl

10 g


Shankha Bhasma

Bhasma od conch shell

10 g


Shukti Bhasma

Calx of pearl oyster

10 g


Karpara bhasma

Calx of cowries

10 g


Praval Bhasma

Calx of coral

30 g


Latex of arka

Calotropis procera

70 ml

Properties and Uses

Baidyanath Prawal Panchmrut Ras provides relieves chronic and persistent digestive, cures Hepatic disorders and helps in curing bloating and anorexic.This medicine helps in treating health problems related to abdomen, liver and spleen. It is extremely beneficial in treating bacterial infections in the spleen. Also, it is a great alternative to medicines in case of enlarged spleen.

Dosages and Anupan

250 mg 1 to 2 times a day before or after having food along with milk, honey or ghee.

Side effects

No, reported side effects with this medicine within precise dose and time period.

Self medication is not advised.

Self life

5 years from the date of manufacturing.

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