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Baidyanath - Liverol Strong Tablet


Liverol Strong Tablet

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Liverol Strong Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine. It is a natural liver protector. This medicine is suggested for a wide range of liver health issues such as dyspepsia, gastric, hyperacidity, anorexia, and loss of appetite, hepatitis, dry / bleeding hemorrhoids, constipation, and more. It is a very effective medicine for improving the overall health condition of the user.


  • Navayas
  • Arogyabardhiniras
  • Kutki (picrorhizakurroa)
  • Rohitakghansatwa (aphanamixisrohituka)
  • Punarnava (boerhaaviadiffusa)
  • Kalimarich (piper nigrum)
  • Arjunchall (terminaliaarjuna)bhawna
  • Giloy (tinosporacordifolia)
  • Bhringraj (eclipta alba)
  • Kalmegh (andrographispaniculata)
  • Gum acacia (excepients)
  • Talcum


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