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Rumartho Tablet - It is used for all the problems pertaining to arthritis and joint pain. view detail

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Rumartho is an Ayurvedic proprietary remedy manufactured by Baidyanath Pharma . It is used for all the problems pertaining to arthritis and joint pain. It helps in relieving stiffness in the body, increases the motility of joints, nourishes the muscles, enhances energy level and promotes rejuvenationl. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.


  1. Warnamakshik Bhasma - 10mg
  2. Abhrak Bhasma - 15mg
  3. Loha Bhasma - 25mg
  4. Prawal Bhasma - 15mg
  5. Ras Sindoor - 30mg
  6. Amvatari Ras - 70 mg
  7. Chopchini - 40mg
  8. Shuddha Kuchala - 40mg
  9. Salai Guggulu - 100mg
  10. Shuddha Shilajit - 30mg
  11. Dired ext. of Maharasanadi kadha -100mg
  12. Permitted Excipients & Preservatives - Q.S

Properties and Uses

Baidyanth Rumartho tablet helps prevent further formation of Ama(toxins) which causes joint pain, helps to relieve pain caused by trauma. It is useful in disorders due to impaired Vat dosha, to relieve pain & inflammation. Therapeutically it is indicated in the treatment of Rheumatism, lumbago Arthritis, gout & Sciatica, joint inflammation, chronic pain & stiffness. Excellent remedy for chronic Vat Diseases.

Dosages and Anupan

1-2 tablets once or twice a day before or after having meal along with water or as directed by physician.

Side effects

No, side effects are reported by any patient with this medicine.

Do no exceed prescribed dose.

Self medication must be avoided.

Self life

3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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