Giloy Satva

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Baidhyanath Giloy Satva mostly used in Fever, Burning sensation in fever, Low immunity, Diabetes. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Satva

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Giloy Satva is an ayurvedic formulation herbal water extract prepared by cold soaking. It includes the water-soluble extract of Giloy.


Giloy --- Tinospora Cordifolia ---- Guduchi

Properties and uses:

Mostly used in----

  • 1)Fever
  • 2)Burning sensation in fever
  • 3)Low immunity
  • 4)Diabetes

Giloy action like---

  • 1)Detox (eliminates AMA)
  • 2)Mild Antipyretic
  • 3)Anti-inflammatory
  • 4)Hematogenic (helps in formation of red blood cells)
  • 5)Anti-gout
  • 6)Immunomodulator
  • 7)Blood purifier
  • 8)Antioxidant
  • 9)Carminative

Dosage and Anupan:

About 50 mg to 500mg with anupan of different ayurvedic medicine prescribed by doctor.

Side effects:

Yet no side effects recorded and is safe to use.

Shelf life:

Maximum up to 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

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