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Manomitram Tablets

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Mitigating mental disorders without causing side-effects Disorders like sleeplessness, depression and anxiety impact the health of the body severely. While there are several medications for healing such disorders, nothing is as impactful as Ayurveda. From ancient times, Ayurveda has focused on the well-being of the body along with the mind.These disorders can affect the cognitive functions of the brain resulting in memory loss. An ayurvedic solution without any side effects can help in mitigating these cognitive disorders once and for all. With its immense experience in Ayurvedic research, AVN Ayurveda has created a safe & unique solution for treating mental disorders and boosting cognitive functions.
  • Manomitram tablets can be consumed for the following reasons
  • Students can consume Manomitram tablets to enhance their cognitive abilities
  • Hypertensive patients can consume Manomitram for subclinical anxiety and tension. Excessive fatigue in adults can also be treated with Manomitram tablets
  • It can be used to prevent memory loss at old age. It can help aged people to retain their memory and avoid degradation of cognitive abilities
  • Women of reproductive ages can take it for reducing premenstrual stress and post-menopausal syndrome
  • Pregnant women can consume it to augment the development of the fetal brain


Benefits and Features

  • It reduces anxiety and helps the mind achieve a calm state. It also reduces mental fatigue caused due to overthinking and excessive stress
  • It helps in increasing concentration and memory retention power. It is suitable for children who want to concentrate for better academic performance
  • Sleeplessness can also be healed via Manomitram tablets. Manomitram ensures natural sleep and fresh awakening
  • Manomitram tablets are designed to offer high palatability




Each 450 mg Arthoven tablet contains the aqeuous extracts of the following herbs


Name Latin Name Qty
Sankhapushpi Clitoria ternatea 112.50 mg
Ashwagandha  Whitania somnifera 112.50 mg
Satavari  Asparagus racemosus 112.50 mg
Bramhi  Bacopa monnieri 112.50 mg

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