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Manibhadra Lehyam

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Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Manibhadra Lehyam used in Asthma, Piles, Irregular bowel moment, Spleen related diseases, Skin problems, Leucoderma, Cold etc. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Lehyam / Rasayana

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It is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation in a jam form. It is an effective and therapeutic formula in various disorder.


Herb/ Drug name Latin Name

  • 1.Vidanaga Embelia ribes
  • 2.Amla Phyllanthus emblica
  • 3.Trivrit Operculina turpethum
  • 4.Hartiki Terminalia chebula
  • 5.Jaggerey

Properties and uses:

  • 1.Asthma
  • 2.Piles
  • 3.Irregular bowel moment
  • 4.Spleen related diseases
  • 5.Skin problems
  • 6.Leucoderma
  • 7.Boils
  • 8.Itches
  • 9.Scabies
  • 10.Cough
  • 11.Cold

Dosages and Anupan:

1 tbs after meal twice a day after meal.

Side Effects:

Overdoses may cause purgation.

Self life:

3 years.

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