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Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Dhanwanthararishtam. It is an Ayurvedic medicine mainly used in postnatal care of the mother. It contains 5-10% of self-generated alcohol and water presen.. view detail

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Classical Medicine - Arishta / Arishtam

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Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Dhanwanthararishtam. It is an Ayurvedic medicine mainly used in postnatal care of the mother. It contains 5-10% of self-generated alcohol and water present in the product which acts as a media. It delivers water and alcohol soluble the active herbal components to the body.


Herb/ Drug name Latin Name Part used Quantity

  • 1.Bilva Aegle Marmelos Dct. 0.032gm
  • 2.Shyonaka Oroxylum Indicum Dct. 0.032 gm
  • 3.Agnimantha Premna Mucronata Dct. 0.032 gm
  • 4.Gambhari Gmelina Arborea Dct. 0.032 gm
  • 5.Shalaparni Desmodium Gangeticum Dct. 0.032 gm
  1. Patala Stereospermum Suaveolens Dct. 0.032 gm
  2. Prinshnaparni Urarica Picta Dct. 0.032 gm
  3. Gokshura Tribulus Terrestris Dct. 0.032 gm
  4. Kantakari Solanum Xanthocarpum Dct. 0.032 gm
  5. Brihati Solanum Indicum Dct. 0.032 gm
  6. Badara Zyziphus Jujube Dct.0.032 gm
  7. Kulattha Dolichos BiflorusDct. 0.032 gm
  8. Kushta Saussurea Lappa Dct.0.032 gm
  9. Devadaru Cedrus Deodara Dct.0.032 gm
  10. Bala Sida Cordifolia Dct. 0.476 gm
  11. Vidari Ipomoea Mouritiana Dct. 0.013 gm
  12. Tagara Valeriana Jatamansi Pdr. 0.013 gm
  13. Shatapushpa Anethum Graveolens Pdr. 0.013 gm
  14. Haritaki Terminalia chebula Pdr. 0.013 gm
  15. Bibhitaki Terminalia bellirica Pdr. 0.013 gm
  16. Amalaki Emblica officinalis Pdr. 0.013 gm
  17. Mashaparni Vigna Pilosa Pdr. 0.013 gm
  18. Mudgaparni Vigna Radiate Pdr. 0.013 gm
  19. Methika Trigonella Foenum Graceum Pdr. 0.013 gm
  20. Sariva Hemidesmus Indicus Pdr. 0.013 gm
  21. Licorice Glycyrrhiza Glabra Pdr. 0.013 gm
  22. Agaru Aquilaria Agallocha Pdr. 0.013 gm
  23. Ela Elettaria CardamomumPdr. 0.013 gm
  24. Twak Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Pdr. 0.013 gm
  25. Punarnava Boerhavia Diffusa Pdr. 0.013 gm
  26. Pippali Piper Longum Pdr. 0.013 gm
  27. Sharkara Saccharum Officinarum Pdr. 0.013 gm
  28. Dhataki Woodfordia Fruticosa Pdr. 0.013 gm
  29. Honey 0.889 gm

Properties and uses:

  1. Post-pregnancy health tonic for women
  2. Treats rheumatic & nervous disorders
  3. Acts as an excellent uterine & nerve tonic
  4. Treats gynecological disorders
  5. Treats constipation, piles & hernia
  6. Improves digestion & immunity
  7. Treats anorexia & increase appetite
  8. Relieves gastric irritation & abdominal discomforts
  9. Reduces pains & inflammation
  10. Useful in paraplegia, facial paralysis & hemiplegia
  11. Helps to overcome weakness & mental stress
  12. Promotes a comfortable & regular menstrual cycle
  13. Improves the reproductive system, vigour & vitality

Dosages and Anupan:

15-30 ml one or 2 times a day usually advised after food. It can be taken as mix with same amount of water. It can also give to the patients according to their parkriti.

Side Effects:

If the medicine is administered in a very high dose it may develop gastric complaints like heartburn, nausea, and pain in the abdomen. More than 40 ml may cause diarrhea and lose bowels.

Self life:

10 years. Once after opening the bottle, it should be consume within 2 months.

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