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AIMIL - Pulvolax (Granules)


Pulvolax (Granules)

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Pulvolax Granules are primarily used for the treatment of chronic cases of constipation. It uses a comprehensive formulation of polyherbal in an optimal concentration of several herbs which produces a laxative effect, treats bowel disorders and gastrointestinal infections.


Key Ingredients:

  • Haritaki
  • Amaltas
  • Saunf
  • Sanai


Key Benefits:

  • Relieves chronic constipation supplements anthraquinones, Seena & Amaltas significantly relieve chronic constipation
  • Enhances glandular secretions without irritating intestinal mucosa
  • Regularises Bowel Movements and increases the gastric motility by stimulating the lining of large intestine, resulting in regular bowel movements
  • Tones Digestion and acts as gastroprotective and carminative
  • Increases Stool Bulk, Ispaghula is a well known bulking agent, which increases stools and apparent wet weight as well as decreases intestinal transit time without irritating bowel
  • Sooth the gastric mucosa and improve absorption-assimilation of food
  • Pulvolax tones gastrointestinal tract, regularizes the function of digestive glands & restores bowel movements

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