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Ayurveda Can Play An Active Role In Integrated Medicine: Dr. Tanmoy Das

Dr. tanmoy das is a bright and young ayurveda practitioner from kolkata. he has high hopes for ayurveda and firmly believes that it can achieve unparalleled advancement in coming years if the research and awareness initiatives launched in recent times continue with the same pace. nirogstreet talked to dr. tanmoy das about his ayurveda journey, aspirations, and perspective. read his interview below.

Please tell us about your educational background and professional qualification briefly.

I have passed both class 10th and high school from Tripura Board of secondary education in the year 2009 and 2011 respectively. I completed B.A.M.S. from Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Ayurvedic College and hospital in the year 2016. I completed my internship in the year 2017.

Why did you choose Ayurvedic practices?

I had an interest in knowing how herbs cure diseases, how Panchakarma cures ailments. This holy technique of treatment namely Ayurveda always attracted me from early on. This intrigue and marvelousness compelled me to opt for studying Ayurveda and later on practising it.

What is your experience when it comes to treating patients? Do they trust the treatment?

Since I have passed just a year ago, my experience is very little compared to others.

Sometimes some patient comes and says that after using most of the medicines of other systems, lastly they came to Ayurveda. then it becomes difficult to make them believe that they can be cured by Ayurveda. After taking Ayurvedic medicines they realise that it really works.

Similarly, many patients in rural areas expect a quick recovery. But when it takes a little time, they start behaving roughly and rudely. But later they realize that Ayurveda works slowly but removes the disease from the root.

Any challenge that you face as a practitioner?

Gaining the trust of the people is very much tough because they believe that Ayurveda has no effect, a common mindset owing to lack of enough awareness. Another big problem is the ignorance of the government towards Ayurveda in the past many decades. Only now the government is taking some steps for the development of Ayurveda.

Some other challenges include the price of some Ayurvedic medicines is too much costly for general people to buy. Sometimes a few medicines of some companies do not work properly due to lack of ingredients as per our Samhitas. Many pharmas flout regulations and there is no standardization.

Any out of ordinary situation that you have faced while treating a patient?

Once a patient took 3 gm of Shankha Bhasma and started to feel choking sensation in the throat. that was one off experience. Sometimes, patients do not like to take the powdered form of medicine.

How effective is traditional medicine as a cure?

Yes, it is very much effective and has no adverse effect.

What do you think of Ayurveda’s future and its role in integrated medicine?

Ayurveda has a bright future and it can play an active role in integrative medicine. Goodness of all pathies should come together for the optimal health benefit of people. If the current research works which are going on in Ayurveda continue, then one day Ayurveda will be at the top.

Do you think Nirogstreet is making a difference by striving to connect Ayurveda practitioners through dedicated technology platforms?

Yes, it is giving a chance to connect many experienced Ayurveda doctors all over India and also it opens an avenue for us to learn from their experiences.

Any hobbies or activities you engage in, outside your professional life?

Listening to songs and playing cricket.

What message would you like to convey to the people on Wellbeing?

They should follow Ritu Charya and Dina Charya.

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