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I Am Committed Toward The Wellbeing Of The Society: Dr. Rashmi Maske

Dr. Rashmi Maske is an Ayurveda practitioner and Panchakarma specialist from Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, Maharashtra. She works as a consultant from her own Gurukrupa Clinic. Dr. Maske is also the director of her firm Ayuaesthetics Pvt. Ltd. She has been practising Ayurveda for six years. She specifically specializes in problems related to Skin, Hair, Obesity, etc. Dr. Rashmi Maske has have developed new treatment strategies which incorporates a modern approach with Ayurveda medicines. Read her interview below.

Please tell us about your educational background and professional qualification briefly.

I have done B.A.M.S. from Maharashtra University of health sciences (M.U.H.S). I also have P.G. Diploma in Panchakarma, Diploma in Yoga, Masters in Sanskrit, and P.G. Diploma in Aesthetic medicine.

Why did you choose Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the natural and safe method for curing various types of diseases. Its results are long-lasting and come without any side effects.

What is your experience when it comes to treating patients? Do they trust the treatment?

Any patient trusts any treatment only if it works well for them. If you offer the right Ayurvedic cure and it works well, their belief in Ayurveda grows twofold without any doubt.

Any challenge that you face as a practitioner?

The challenge is to create awareness among more and more people about Ayurveda. I prefer authentic, pure Ayurveda practice only. I am committed to providing the best treatments, contributing toward the wellbeing of the society.

How effective is traditional medicine as a cure?

It is very effective. we have to apply the knowledge of Ayurveda properly and accurately for good results. My motive is to share whatever knowledge and experience I have through training programs so that more and more Ayurveda practitioners can do their best while treating the patients.

What do you think of Ayurveda’s future and its role in integrated medicine?

It is definitely bright. I think all Ayurveda people should share our experiences and knowledge for the promotion and propagation of the great ancient health science that it is Tadvidyasambhasha is very important.

Do you think Nirogstreet is making a difference by connecting Ayurveda practitioners through dedicated technology platforms?

Nirogstreet is very good and useful platform for all Ayurveda practitioners. We can stay connected very easily via Nirogstreet platforms.

What message would you like to convey to the people on Wellbeing?

Follow Ayurveda faithfully and stay well.

[Besides practising, Dr. Rashmi Maske also conducts a series of training batches on various subjects, such as: 1. Certificate course in Ayurved Aesthetic medicine 2. Certificate course in Ayurvedic cosmetic product preparation 3. Instant pain management in Ayurveda (Marma, Vidhha, And Agnikarma Chikitsa) 4. Certificate course in Panchakarma. She can be consulted for the same on her facebook page.]

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