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Follow Ayurvedic Lifestyle To Lead A Medicine-Free Life: Dr. Prabhakar Manu

Dr. Prabhakar Manu is an Ayurvedic practitioner from Nepal. He is a specialist Ayurveda Psychologist and Psychiatrist and well understands the emotional and mental health of the patients. He has several qualifications, such as B.A.M.S (Brabu), M.Sc.(tamilnadu), MD (Ayurveda, Bengaluru), and Fage (manipal). He is currently practising as consultant Ayurvedic Physician at Manohar Ayurvedic Store in Birgunj, Parsa, Nepal. Read Dr. Prabhakar Manu’s Interview Below.

Dr. Manu, please tell us about your career background.

After completion of my B.A.M.S. from India, I got the chance to teach B.A.M.S. students in Nepal based Ayurvedic college for a year. I was lucky enough to study M.D. at Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Ayurveda, Hassan through Ayush scholarship scheme from Indian council for cultural relations, Government of India. We are very proud of our principal Dr. Prasanna Narasimha Rao sir for making our institution among top ten ranking and contributing major policies and changes in Karnataka State Ayurvedic Colleges. My specialization is in Mano Vigyan Evam Manas Roga a very rare subject in India and Nepal both. Along with my M.D., I have also completed M.Sc. in applied Psychology from Annamalai University, Tamilnadu. I have presented and attended more than 20 national and international seminars/workshops in India and in Sri Lanka.

Why did you choose Ayurvedic practices?

In my childhood i had suffered from Bronchial Asthma and did not get satisfactory relief from Allopathic medicines after one year of treatment. Later my father opted for Ayurvedic treatment and then after it got cured and since then my father had entered into Ayurvedic medicine business which encouraged me to serve the humanity through Ayurvedic practice.

What is your experience when it comes to treating patients? Do they trust the treatment?

There is no doubt that Baba Ramdev has influenced a lot of people from all over the world and then after lots of people have been motivated to Ayurveda. Although it is a little bit tough to build trust in north India and in terai region of Nepal but still we put our best efforts to cure the diseases.

Any challenge that you face as a practitioner?

There are four essential things for treatment and one among them is medicine. although Nepal is a rich source for supplying herbs, we do lack of potential Ayurvedic Medicines. If we compare ourselves to South Indian practice we have lot more things to improve here.

Any out of ordinary situation that you have faced while treating a patient?

Those patients with positive thinking and daily meditation practices brought lots of physical and mental improvement to them.

How effective is traditional medicine as a cure?

Traditional medicine is very effective to cure chronic diseases but one should know their limitations to save a patient life. Panchakarma treatment has extraordinary results while dealing with chronic diseases.

What do you think of Ayurveda’s future and its role in integrated medicine?

Integrated approach provides a better understanding towards the disease but it is not a good idea to understand disease through modern perspective and curing through Ayurveda. Both sciences have their own understanding and it can’t be mixed.

Do you think Nirogstreet is making a difference by striving to connect Ayurveda practitioners and scholars through dedicated technology platforms?

Yes, Nirogstreet is promoting Ayurveda to the next level and updating Ayurveda scholars by various articles on Ayurvedic Treatment. It is a very good platform to connect with Ayurvedic scholars and share their cases for better understanding.

Any hobbies or activities you engage in, outside your professional life?

I have a keen interest in Astrology, Drawing, and Photography.

What message would you like to convey to the people on Wellbeing?

Please follow Ayurvedic lifestyle to lead a medicine-free life. Take your meal as medicine so you don’t have to take medicines. Should always believe in Ayurvedic principles to attain all health resolutions in your life.

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