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Ayurveda Has Its Own Capability To Cure The Diseases From The Root: Dr. Bhawana Bhatt

Please tell us about your educational background and professional qualification.

I completed my intermediate from Government Girls Inter College, Nainital in 2011. After that I took two years of coaching for PMTS. Before joining the coaching classes I had no idea about B.A.M.S., B.H.M.S. or M.B.B.S. The purpose of joining coaching classes was only to fulfill my brother's dream as he wanted me to become a successful doctor.

After completing the coaching I got admission in B.H.M.S. But I was not satisfied with the course. Therefore I was again prepared for the UAPMT during the 1st year of my B.H.M.S. and finally I was selected for this beautiful science of Ayurveda in the B.A.M.S. in the year 2014 at Uttarakhand Ayurveda University, Gurukul Campus, Haridwar.

Why did you choose ayurvedic practices?

I chose Ayurveda because I have no interest in any other pathy, but in the first few days of my college i felt that there is no scope in Ayurveda and I was a little disappointed. After that i started reading Ayurveda texts, attending seminars, etc. I became aware of the views of Ayurvedic scholars (Dr. Anuj Jain and Dr. Abhishek Gupta) through internet and then I developed the confidence and came to realize that Ayurveda is the father of all other pathies.

What are your objectives after completing B.A.M.S.? Are you going to pursue post graduation or practicing?

After completing B.A.M.S. I would like to do Ayurvedic practice and do something for the Ayurveda and Ayurvedic students.

What are you views on the current Ayurveda education and infrastructure? Does it need to improve?

No doubt, in some states Ayurvedic education is so good but in some states (such as Uttarakhand) there is a need for improvement.

For improving the educational status of Ayurveda, teachers should guide the students about how Shastra knowledge can be applied clinically. Teachers should encourage the students that they shouldn't study Ayurveda texts only for the purpose of passing the examination but rather they should imbibe Ayurveda within themselves to understand it properly and cure the diseases effectively.

Let’s talk about your college. What makes it a good college?

Uttarakhand Ayurveda University, Gurukul Campus, Haridwar has an excellent faculty which makes it a good college. If the students are interested in gaining knowledge then the teachers are always ready to help them and for that I am very thankful to my teachers for their support. I am so lucky to have studied here.

What do you think of the bridge course and integrated medicine?

It depends upon the interest and varies from student to student, those who are interested then it’s good. Somewhat it is helpful in some ways. But according to me, Ayurveda has its own capability to cure the diseases from the root without any requirement for any bridge course.

Do you believe ayurveda is the best medicine system?

Yes, Ayurveda is the best medicine system because it not only deals in curing the diseases, it is also helpful in keeping a healthy person healthy forever. It has great preventive benefits.

Do you think Nirogstreet is making a difference by striving by empowering Ayurveda practitioners and students through its dedicated technology platforms?

Of course, I think Nirogstreet has performed very well to help grow Ayurveda by creating awareness among the students and practitioners by providing knowledge tools and resources on Ayurveda, such as management of various diseases through Ayurveda, case discussions, and quiz competitions that happen every sunday. It is playing an important role in checking the knowledge.

What is your message to the Ayurveda youth and students?

My message to the Ayurveda youth and students is that Ayurveda is a very beautiful and enriching medical science and an interesting pathy. It is difficult to understand Ayurveda but it is not impossible. With dedication, one can become an expert of the medical wisdom that will bring them success in many ways. In order to achieve success in the field of Ayurveda one should learn the Ayurvedic texts deeply by heart with best efforts. At last i would like to share my words- "यदि अंनत सफलता पाना चाहते हो तो अंनत मेहनत भी करना सीखो।"

I also heartly thank Nirogstreet for choosing me as the Campus Ambassador of U.A.U. Gurukul Campus, Haridwar and giving me the opportunity to express my views regarding Ayurveda.

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