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This holiday go on a detox trip

new year is round the corner and you must be planning to spend the holidays with your family, organize a get together of sorts. how about a vacation trip? celebrating the last week of the year with your friends and family at a beautiful place has become a trend in itself. so, if a trip is on the cards it is the time to make the bookings in advance, and before you go for that you might want to consider some natural health packages for a thoroughly rejuvenating experience. health and vacation? read it as ayurveda health tourism which is the best way to enjoy your holidays.

here’s some food for your thought though.

while traveling is always a refreshing exercise in itself, including health in its ambit of benefits is a win-win for your entire family. a busy modern lifestyle gets you quite a little time to take care of yourself. you can end the year on a good note by putting health first in a lot of things that you do.

a travel vacation can offer you more than you have hoped for, if wellness becomes an integral part of it. so, let’s walk you through some scenic holiday destinations in india where enjoying the vacation comes with the added perk of wellness choices.

down south in the scented forests of palakkad in kerala

ayurveda has remained integrated in the traditions of kerala for centuries. it is the land of ashta vaidyas who long served the society through the healing wisdom of ayurveda. palakkad is a heritage city which is often hailed as the gateway of kerala. the place abounds in placid lakes, splendid gardens, historic sites, spectacular hills, rich wildlife, several acres of national parks, and spellbinding rainforests. nestled among the milky pines of palakkad are the some renowned ayurveda centers that offer a handful of rejuvenation therapies and retreat packages. oil and herbs massages, spa, detoxification, and other natural treatments are part of these therapies.

in the serene foothills of the himalayas in uttarakhand

the foothills of uttarakhand have a lot to offer if you are looking for wellness, tranquility, and adventure. rishikesh is the most favorite destination in this state for health tourists. scenic views, fresh air, the enchanting flow of ganges river through the valley, and spa resorts like ananda make the region a perfect destination for those seeking harmony, health, and happiness. you can indulge in an optimal revival of your health with a harmonious routine of organic meals, ayurveda, meditation, and yoga around here. it would help you destress your body and mind, overcome anxiety problems, and experience the bliss of healthy lifestyle.

basking in health amidst the laid back aura of pondicherry

pondicherry has its old world charm with its quiet, laid back atmosphere that gives you a lot of time to unwind yourself. most of the health tourists who visit here, head to auroville which is a small town within pondicherry. auroville has beautiful beaches with the sunlight perfectly hitting the shoreline, offering a warm experience. the place has well-equipped ayurveda centers for relaxation and detox. a week long stay in auroville will make you feel revitalized and healthier. this destination is ideal for those who want to relax and avail the ayurvedic therapies without any hurry.

reviving in the natural splendor of dharamshala in himachal pradesh

dharamshala is a picturesque hill destination that has a rich cover of hills and forests. the greenery around and the fresh air in these hills act as some kind of remedy for the senses. health benefits multiply when you consider the rejuvenation centers that are based around here. ayurveda, reiki, naturopathy, yoga, and other health programs offered at these centers give you a lot of choices. you can go for complete panchakarma therapy which includes vamana (emesis), virechana (purgation), niroohavasti (decoction enema), nasyam (instilling herbal medicine through nostrils), and anuvasana basti (oil enema).

these are some of the health destinations that would go well with your holiday travel plans. the retreat health packages vary from one day to a week, so you have choices there too. a typical three-day rejuvenation package comes with complete hospitality, from hygienic accommodation to healthy meals to ayurvedic treatments to lectures and sessions to fitness coaching and demonstrations on how to live a balanced life by following the principles of ayurveda. make a visit to these ayurveda retreats for a unique experience that would earn you better health and overall wellness in its true sense.

Disclaimer: The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.
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