5 Easy Yoga Asanas & Benefits For Children


By NS Desk 09-Dec-2020

5 Easy Yoga Asanas & Benefits For Children

Yoga is such a heritage of India, which has been helping people in giving healthy life to people since ancient times. Let us now know what benefits children can get from doing yoga and know some yoga asanas.

Importance of Yoga for Children

Helpful in Building Self-Confidence: A research has found a mild, but significant improvement in confidence levels in yoga students, in social confidence with teachers, in communication-related confidence with peers, and in-classroom contributions. Apart from this, it is also said that yoga can also help in increasing self-esteem.

For Meditation and Concentration: It often becomes difficult for children to concentrate on any task. This is called Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This problem can be reduced by adding. It can also help to increase children's memory.

Improve Balance and Coordination: Yoga can improve children's balance and coordination. This improvement is seen especially in young athletes who need to maintain balance and coordination simultaneously.

Yoga to Improve Academic Performance: Every parent wants to have a good educational performance of children. Yoga can also be helpful in improving it. Research says that by performing yoga daily, the academic performance of a child can be improved. Yoga can help the child to perform best in school by controlling the pressure of the education on the children's minds.

Reduce Stress Levels: Children are often stressed due to school and home environments. It is said that doing yoga can reduce the stress in the child. This can help eliminate stress. Also, the negative behavior of children can be reduced.

5 Easy Yoga Asanas for Children

Pranayama is breathing related to yoga. In this, the action of exhaling and breathing is done. Pranayama is also called yogic breathing. It involves breathing as well as the exercise of the heart and nervous system. This brings emotional stability and peace of mind.

Bal Asana
Balasana is also one of the calms to soothe the mind. It is also called the child pose in English. This asana can benefit the body as well as reduce stress and improve brain health. Can help promote positive thoughts, which can reduce anxiety and stress.

Tad Asana
Tadasana is called Mountain Pose and Palm Tree Posture in English. In this, the child is shaped like a mountain and a tree. This stretches the muscles of the entire body. It can help in maintaining the complete fitness of children. It is also said that this yogasana can be helpful in improving the length of children. Also, Tadasana can play an important role in improving concentration.

Setu Bandh Asana
Sethubandhasana is called Bridge Pose in English. In this posture, the body looks like a bridge. Because of this shape, it is called Sethubandhasana. It is advisable to perform Sethubandhasan to reduce stress and depression and strengthen muscles. It can also help ease digestion and relieve constipation.

Dhanur Asana
In this Yogasana done on the stomach, the body shape is like a bow, due to which it is called Dhanurasana. Its name in English is Bo Pose. Dhanurasana is considered good for joints such as shoulders, knees, spine, and ankles.

This causes massage of the pancreas and liver. This can reduce the fat of the waist and buttock. Also can relieve backache and abdominal pain. In addition, it can make the muscles of the abdomen, legs, and arms strong.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.