Why Do Ayurveda Doctors Need A Strong Online Presence in India?


By NS Desk 18-Jul-2022

Why Do Ayurveda Doctors Need A Strong Online Presence in India?

As you are an ayurvedic doctor the query that comes to your mind is why do ayurvedic doctors need a strong online presence? So, the answer is as Modern India is leading the world in the digital revolution and in today's time, people want to know about Ayurveda and adapt its treatment, for which we will have to introduce our Ayurvedic doctors to them.

The digital era has totally changed the relationship between ayurvedic doctors and patients. Nowadays, the potential patient seeking to schedule an online appointment is far more prevalent than waiting in queues for their turn. As per the government, EHR (Electronic Health Records) is mandatory for all doctors to maintain the medical information of their patients.

As per one of the studies, searching for "health apps in India" in the google play store showed 250 apps, of which 22 were found to be providing consultation and doctor appointment booking-related services making healthcare accessible to a wide range of populations. 

Surveys suggest that 70% of patients seek the internet to get reviews before visiting an Ayurveda doctor, which works to the same degree that they would trust a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. Hence, ayurvedic doctors lacking online visibility are at a massive risk of losing their existing patients to the former in the long run.

Partnership Program by NirogStreet to Boost Doctor’s Online Presence

NirogStreet's partnership program seeks to increase the number of online consultations and community education for Ayurveda doctors. This program offers technical assistance, virtual inventory, and marketing support for your Ayurveda clinic. Live-streamed community learning and personal earning are the primary focus of the program.

Why do I need it?

  • Boosts Consultation: Especially Online
  • Enhances current practice
  • Cuts down on administrative cost
  • Cuts down courier charges and hassles
  • It makes your clinic technologically
  • advanced
  • Additional income

What Do I Get In This Program?

  • Visibility: Web Profile, Business listings, Your Virtual Business Card
  • Social Media Reach: Done-for-you Content
  • Exclusive Webinars: Clinical, Non-Clinical
  • VaidyaTool: Patient Management System
  • Recognition: Success Story, Webinar participation, Promotion in the largest
  • Community of doctors
  • Inventory of 1000+ Ayurvedic medicines from reputed brands
  • Free home delivery of medicines to you and your patients (Pan India)


Let's learn how NirogStreet promotes ayurveda doctors with some of the key digital marketing strategies to build a robust online reputation for your clinic:


Establishing Social Identity

  • A presence on the internet for your practice is similar to having a shackle of your clinic along a major highway. It is a way to establish real estate on the internet that will help promote your brand name to a specific public.
  • Patients who come across your clinic's name appear on the web regularly will be able to remember your name when they search for doctors and will most likely seek you out. There is a good chance that you will see benefits in the long run once you begin to promote your business on the web.

Resolving Inconvenience

  • A strong online presence will make it easier for you to meet your patients. Patients will find your website in search results at the top of Google for your name, which means they can easily find it online and get all the information it has. A website that is located at the bottom page 16 in the search engine results will, however, remain invisible to 90% of people.
  • Visitors who arrive at your site should be able to use online tools to make their healthcare more convenient. Almost half of the patients, for instance, would prefer to make an appointment electronically (e.g. It can be done via an app on your website, email or mobile device).
  • Since most patients regard customer service as the main factor in determining loyalty to a provider's service, your website must include a way for customers to contact you (e.g. A FAQ page, secure messaging, and online chat are some of the options).

Patients Reviews As Words of Mouth

  • According to research, online reviews are an effective tool in helping patients establish positive relationships with new doctors. However, around 65% read between one and six reviews to form an opinion.
  • Patients should request a reconsideration from their physicians before proceeding with any procedure. This is vital as it improves the doctor's reputation online and will help you get feedback on the doctor's website.
  • Patients should be asked for feedback in order to improve their chances of receiving it. You can share the link with your patients to get their feedback. Promoting your ideas will help you build your online presence.

Adopting Social Media

  • Research shows that India's social media users (general public) increased by 78 million (+21%) between 2020 and 2021, enabling a feasible opportunity for doctors to utilize social media platforms for their media.
  • Many social media platforms for healthcare professionals (HCPs) are available, including blogs and microblogs, wikis, and media-sharing sites. Virtual reality, gaming environment, social networking platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), and tools exist. These tools can enhance or improve professional networking, education, organizational promotion, patient-care education, and public programs.

Marketing Shouldn't Be Left to Chance

  • Although a health care provider may only provide medical services within a particular location, internet marketing can greatly benefit your practice. You can spread your brand's name far and wide by publishing content on press release websites, article publication sites, Wiki websites, and social media sites.
  • This can significantly boost your brand's advertising and is crucial to managing your reputation. Sometimes, reputable websites tend to rank higher on google search engine. While your website might be unable to be among the ten results on the first page, the other websites can. It is possible to publish information on SEO-optimized sites for similar keywords that you can target on your site. 
  • By doing this, you could see the content beat your website; however, it will positively impact your patients in all cases, which is essential. You can also use the material to make a public announcement of a website link and then direct site visitors to your website.

Attracting new patients for a website is nothing more than an opportunity to make a mark on your medical practices. A quick look on Google search will likely yield suggestions to incorporate blogs, videos, infographics, and more on your website. So, the content marketing doctors need for their websites depends on their speciality and field of practice, which could optimize to create a solid online reputation among the doctors' community.


Alongside affecting the outcome of patients, In addition to affecting patient outcomes, technology also improves the work of a doctor. The pressure of expanding business reduces as patients come across that you are online. This growth could be massive if appropriately managed.

Doctors who work online benefit from the time savings due to enhanced efficiency and productivity so that they don't exhaust themselves. In this scenario, it is logical for doctors to be on the internet to ensure that their presence inspires confidence and allows them to make a decision.

Hence, you have come across why do doctors need a solid online presence in India?

So, do write us on the following contact details to be the one among thousands benefitting and earning with NirogStreet's partnership program.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Why do ayurvedic doctors need social media?
On social media, doctors can share their experiences and suggestions, talk about issues in practice management and make referrals, share their research, advertise their services, or participate in health-related advocacy. A growing percentage of physicians utilize the Internet to interact directly with patients to enhance medical healthcare.

Q. Why do ayurveda doctors need digital marketing?
Using digital marketing by doctors assists in making the process easier and more accessible for patients. For instance, having a website and social media accounts aid in giving patients faster access to health services, such as appointments, which can save them from unnecessary research in a particular area.

Q. What are the potential benefits of using online medical information?
Lower Overhead Costs: Online medical services providers could incur fewer expenses for overhead. For instance, they could be able to pay less for front desk support or be able to afford offices that have fewer examination rooms.

An Additional Source of Revenue: Physicians may find that online medical information increases their income since it lets them treat more patients within a short period.

Lower Risk of Exposure to Infections and Illnesses: When doctors see patients remotely, they don't have to be concerned about the risk of being exposed to any pathogens the patient could be carrying. Hence, it is cost-effective as it requires no equipment to consider safety measures.

Satisfaction: If patients don't have to drive into the clinic or stand in line for medical attention, they could be satisfied with their healthcare provider - appointment, consultation, medical advices and all done.

Q. How is the Internet useful in health and medicine?
In clinical settings,

  • The Internet can help healthcare providers have access to information in a short time that aids in the identification of health issues or the formulation of appropriate treatment strategies.
  • It can make medical documents, test results, and practice guidelines available in the exam room.
  • It also allows health professionals to communicate with their colleagues electronically to discuss the treatment plan or surgical procedures.
  • Additionally, the Internet can help to shift towards more patient-centered health care. It allows patients to collect health-related data, interact with healthcare doctors, health plan administrators, and other patients electronically, and even receive medical treatment in their homes.

Q. What are the strengths of using social media in healthcare?

  • Social media offers doctors ways to communicate information, discuss policies and practices, advocate for healthy lifestyles, connect with the public, and inform and interact with patients, caregivers, students, and colleagues.
  • Doctors can use social media to improve the quality of their patients' lives, build an online professional network, boost the awareness of patients about news and discoveries, encourage patients, and share health information with the public.

Q. Why do doctors need telemedicine?
Doctors like it for various reasons, including its efficient and cost-effective method of triaging patients. Furthermore, it improves access to healthcare and reduces the number of hospital readmissions and unnecessary clinical visits to emergency departments. It also reduces the chance of contracting a health-related disease.

But telehealth has to function correctly, and doctors must be aware of when it isn't appropriate, for which necessary measures shouldn't be neglected.

Q. What is the impact of the Internet on patient care?
Of the 3209 respondents in a study, 31% had looked for health information online in the past 12 months, 16% had found health information relevant to themselves, and nearly 8% sought their physician after going through the internet for the same.

Looking for information on the Internet showed a robust digital divide; however, socioeconomic factors did not predict other outcomes once the data had been examined. Most (71%) people who took the information to the physician wanted the physician's opinion rather than a specific intervention.

Q. Are virtual doctor visits effective?
A study from Massachusetts General Hospital showed virtual visits could replace office visits for patients without compromising health care quality. Most patients surveyed in the study reported no difference in the overall visit quality.

Hence, from exposure to expenditure, virtual doctor visits are highly effective.

Q. How has the Internet changed the patient-doctor relationship?
The Internet has rapidly transformed the doctor-patient relationship.

  • By providing access to medical information
  • Online medical advice
  • Online patient portals
  • Computer-based home-monitoring systems
  • Digitized patient records
  • Online support groups

The internet revolution has made patients aware of the responsibility their health carries.

Q. How many people use the Internet for medical information in India?
A survey shows that 49% of Indians use the Internet for health information.

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