If You Are A New Doctor Then How Can You Make An Online Presence of Your Clinic?


By NS Desk 19-Jul-2022

If You Are A New Doctor Then How Can You Make An Online Presence of Your Clinic?

The presentation has always been a crucial element irrespective of the profession, and if you are new in the business, it shouldn't be taken lightly.

For some new doctors, there may be some doubt about setting up an account on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and attracting new clients from these social media sites. But, as more doctors realize there are more new potential clients outside their clinic and If you're not engaging on the internet then your business is missing the chance of attracting new patients?

New doctors find it challenging to seek digital marketing professionals for their medical practice. And NirogStreet, a tech-driven platform for more than 1,00,000 doctors, is now incorporating necessary steps to make Ayurveda mainstream by promoting and empowering new doctors with the latest trends & technology to harness their online presence leading to potential patients across the world.

Here are some simple ways for your healthcare marketing & for your online presence:

Target Keyword on Your Website

The way you target symptoms to reach diseases and keyword targeting will help you keep your posts on track and optimize your posts to boost their visibility on the results of google searches and social media.

You've probably realized that it's crucial not just to create a functional site; you must also have a site that search engines can find. One method of doing this is to include relevant keywords within your site's text.

These are the keywords you want to show up for your target audience or patients seeking your services. For instance, if you're a primary care doctor located within New Delhi, you may consider including "New Delhi primary care doctor" or "New Delhi doctor's office" on your site.

Be sure to include them in the text of your website, as well as in meta descriptions and page titles, as well as in the image alt tags, as well as in your blog articles.

Utilize Google My Business

Google Business is the largest platform for obtaining online appointments for doctors. And it's free, but you must place your Google Maps in the first three of Google Search Engine.

Google My Business allows you to see your clinic on local listings and maps. Every doctor should sign up for a Google My Business account, which is easy and cost-free. It is also possible to include clinic photos, addresses, service hours, time of operation, contact number, and address of the hospital or clinic.

Patients can also send messages or make an appointment, and doctors can add educational or testimonial videos for patients on Google business. The most intriguing aspect of Google enterprise is that we can ask patients to write reviews of the services they received, and a positive review works as word of mouth for other patients. Let's learn more about patient review in the next point given below.

Patient Reviews

A reputable online presence is incomplete without reviews because most patients seeking your clinic visit google rating before consultations. This means that potential patients will most likely believe the reviews posted online, and it's crucial for you to concentrate on getting positive reviews.

Reviews can encourage interaction between customers and your website. Ensure that you encourage happy content customers to check out your reviews site and leave comments. Be sure to ensure they are happy by responding to each review, avoid negative reviews and if possible seek out those patients and ask them to clarify their problem.

One out of 20 searches on Google daily is linked to health care. They are also more likely to visit sites that have excellent scores. Why not concentrate on creating a robust online presence? The NirogStreet partnership program will help you achieve this and much more, click here to read more.

Business Listings

Making a solid, precise profile on listing websites for businesses such as Justdial, Sulekha & others can be highly beneficial to expanding the visibility of your business. Local Search Engine offers local search-related services to its users.

NirogStreet for doctors includes various important information such as the services we offer, the clinic's location, hours of operation, address, contact information, and pictures. This information can benefit patients who want to get in touch with the relevant doctors.

Patients can also provide comments or feedback on the services offered, which could boost the popularity, transparency and confidence among patients. Making a profile on business websites will increase your visibility on Google search results bringing prospective patients to your clinic.

Social Media Pages

Creating profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Youtube is essential to gain the desired fame and expand the reach of your business. Social media is among the most cost-effective marketing strategies to improve your company's visibility.

Today every doctor must be active on social media platforms. The creation of profiles on social media websites has many benefits, including increased brand recognition, traffic to our website, improved search engine rank and efficiency in conversion, greater patient satisfaction, effective marketing and a good level of loyalty to your business.

Medical professionals can maintain contact with patients or their followers through social media platforms and quickly provide information to people or raise awareness within society on diseases and precautions. Social media is an efficient and results-oriented method to reach the maximum number of patients and increase business growth.


So, even if you are a new doctor, the Partnership program at NirogStreet is all set to boost your online reputation and offer you new clients.

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Question)

Q. How can I get more patients online?
Establishing a robust online reputation by considering digital marketing best practices, including building websites and social media sites, keyword targeting, service promotion, business listings, etc. Joining NirogStreet’s partnership programs offers all these benefits along with some more.

Q. How do online clinics work?
Virtual clinics can be established for each service offered by the hospitals. Patients can be directed to specific web pages to access detailed information regarding consultations. On the other hand, the clinicians have direct face-to-face participation, which is considered an online waiting room for all the services you'd prefer patients to receive.

Q. How do I start an online medical consultation business?

  • Register in the NirogStreet partnership program. 
  • Download the NirogStreet mobile app and submit your details along with your medical registration certificate.
  • Setup Online Practice. Once your details are verified by NirogStreet Team, you are ready to consult patients online or can set up your Online Practice.
  • Invite Patients. You will be assigned a unique ID from NirogStreet.

Q. How do you promote a health clinic?
Social media has become integral to hospital or clinic marketing, and its importance is growing yearly. Using your social media profiles, you can connect with thousands of prospective patients and patients who have had positive experiences at your hospital to share their recommendations on your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Q. How do I promote my clinic on Google?

  • Get a website
  • Get the Seo part done
  • Begin content marketing
  • Initiate paid search
  • Create social media profiles
  • Seminars

Q. What app do doctors use for telemedicine?
NirogStreet is one of the popular telemedicine apps in the Ayurveda ecosystem. Some of the key features and services it provides include a comprehensive medical directory, online consultations, and booking of appointments online. Avail all the benefits by registering yourself in NirogStreet’s partnership program.

Q. Is online doctor consultation legal in India?
There is nothing illegal about online medical consultations online; however, such talks should not be followed by giving prescriptions. Also, a general suggestion can be offered; however, it is impossible to prescribe any medication, and it is not allowed in India or most parts of the globe.

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