COVID-19 pushed breast health to low priority: Survey


By NS Desk 05-Oct-2020


With COVID-19 currently occupying the front seat on priorities for personal and public health, women seem to pushing their breast health to the recesses, by neglecting their mammograms and increasing nervousness to visit their physicians because of the possibility of contracting COVID-19, a new survey has shown.

SurvivorNet, a health media company for cancer information, measured through the survey of 535 women if they're still taking preventative measures around their breast health.

Arriving at the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the responses confirmed that COVID-19 has indeed impacted women's medical care. For annual mammograms, the most effective tool in catching breast cancer early, one in three women reported that they've delayed them. Forty-five percent also said that, in the wake of the outbreak, they are nervous or concerned when visiting their physician.

The survey also found that breast health is now a lower priority. Among the respondents, as per the SurvivorNet, one in three women claimed that COVID-19 has negatively impacted breast care, while 29 percent of those surveyed admitted that their breast health has become a lower priority since the beginning of the outbreak.

Increased anxiety was also reported during mammograms with 28 percent of women who continued with their annual mammograms during COVID-19 experienced "moderate to severe" anxiety in the process, fearing exposure to COVID-19.

As per SurvivorNet, this year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is more important than ever before, as women everywhere are grappling with the fear of a pandemic that casts a shadow over their breast health. (Siddhi Jain)

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