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Understanding the cause and treatment of sciatica with Ayurveda

By NirogStreet Desk| posted on :   03-Nov-2017| Pain management

our body has a largest single nerve; sciatic nerve, it runs from each side of the spine and passes through the buttocks, thighs and ends up all the way down to the foot. sciatica is a painful condition where the sciatic nerve of either one or both legs is involved. sciatic pain can be for any body part concerned with the sciatic nerve, it can affect the movements of legs and also be a reason for low back pain.there is also a condition of sciatic syndrome where both the pain is felt both in back and legs.

cause of sciatica:

the sciatic pain is a very severe pain, the person who experiences the pain is not able to walk, stand, bend and even face problems in performing the basic chores.the cause of sciatica is the irritation of the roots of lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine.there are other common causes of sciatica which are:

breakdown of discs, spondylolisthesis, narrowing of the spinal canal of the lower back, muscle spasm of either back or buttocks or pregnancy.

symptoms of sciatica:

sciatica generally starts with pain in any of the area where the sciatic nerve runs it may be; back pain, leg pain, hip pain or pain in rear side. if not examined well, then the pain turns out to be severe where person even face pricking sensation or stiffness in the affected part.

treatment of sciatica with ayurveda

the hectic working schedule, sitting postures, and adverse eating habits have made sciatica the common problem.sciatica starts with the mild pain in any of the area of sciatic nerve, if ignored the problem may become severe. however, ayurveda approach towards the problem has proved to be very beneficial in the treatment of sciatica.

in ayurveda, sciatica is termed as gridhrasi.it can be cured with the help of natural herbs and with the proper lifestyle.

use of herbs: the natural herbs such as nirgundi, guggulu, eranda roots, ashwagandha, long pepper, and jaiphal.these are natural herbs which have a vital role in sciatica.

  • nirgundi: it is an herb for nerves and joints.nirgundi is used for steam bath to relieve the pain.
  • guggulu: it is the herb for back pain. it nourishes the muscles and provides strength to the muscles as well as bones.
  • eranda roots: it is a very useful herb for any kind of pains.
  • ashwagandha: this herb is mixed with the sesame oil and applied on the painful areas.the regular use of the oil is very effective.
  • long pepper: this herb is boiled in water and after draining the excess water the remaining powder is mixed with camphor and ground ginger and applied to the effective area.
  • jaiphal: this herb is mixed with sesame oil and applied to the effective areas.

diet and lifestyle: eating healthy and maintaining a routine works wonder for the body.avoiding the food which is difficult to digest, increasing intake of leafy vegetables and fruits such as banana and apple is recommended.you should include the light exercise and maintain the correct postures while sleeping or sitting. these are the early measures which protects our body from the sciatica.
sciatica is a condition which when ignored initially can become very painful with time.the ayurveda treatment can prove to be really beneficial.

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