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What is Neck Pain and its Symptoms and cause

By NirogStreet Desk| posted on :   27-Nov-2017| Pain management

the pain in the joints has become a very common issue, blame it on the kind of lifestyle we have or the hectic schedule. we often ignore the demands of our body; as a result, the health gets comprised. pain in knee, back, shoulders or neck is all the signs through which our body tells us that we need to pay attention to our health. out of these pains, neck pain is the problem of many people. the neck is part of the body which supports the head and allows the head for any kind of motion. the pain in the neck not only affects the neck but it sometimes affects the other body parts such as head, forehead, and arms making the pain unbearable. neck pain should be not taken lightly and the person should accordingly take the treatment before it becomes severe. it is also very important to know the causes and symptoms of neck pain.

symptoms of neck pain:

the symptoms of neck pain are:

  • severe pain in neck
  • nausea or vomiting
  • inability to move arms or hands
  • trouble swallowing or feeling of lump in neck
  • headache
  • fever
  • throat pain
  • stiff neck
  • tenderness
  • tingling or weakness in arms

causes of neck pain

neck pain can due to various reasons;

a) the first and foremost reason for neck pain is due to strain or sprains in muscles. this could be due to reasons such as sleeping in the wrong position, the poor posture of the neck, jerk in the neck while doing any activity, desk work or working on computers for long hours. the strain in the neck is basically because of the bad postures of the neck which can be blamed on our lifestyle or any particular habit.

b) an injury or accident which causes harm to neck can be reason for neck pain.

c) meningitis is a medical condition which often leads to stiff neck.

d) there are plenty of medical conditions which lead to chronic neck pain these are; rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, cervical spondolysis, disc herniation. these medical conditions when affect the cervical vertebrae leads to the pain in neck.

generally people don't take neck pain seriously until it becomes severe. or else people try to get the solution of neck pain through painkillers. however this is not the right way to deal with neck pain .if your neck pain has become constant problem, it is better to take the proper treatment.

the ayurvedic treatment for neck pain proves to be very positive as ayurveda deals the problem of any pain by understanding the root cause of the pain. in ayurveda, the neck pain is situation which arises because of aggravated vata dosha in neck region.

the ayurvedic treatment of neck pain includes the methods such as:

  • Øuse of medicines made from ayurvedic herbs some of which are rasna, ashwagandha, dasamoolha. these medicines are made from natural herbs.
  • Øthe person suffering from pain are given various ayurvedic treatments were the main aim is to relive the pain in a soothing way. these therapies are shiro dhara, shiro vasti, abhyangam, greeva vasthi and nasyam.
  • Øthe ayurvedic treatment also includes the diet management and exercise which helps in reliving the stress which is very important for the body.

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