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Ayurveda can bring down adverse effects of Chemotherapy

By NirogStreet Desk| posted on :   28-Dec-2017| Pain management

in modern medicine, chemotherapy is the most effective treatment for cancer patients. nevertheless, it is a systemic therapy that can affect other parts of the body and result in complications. while it is used to contain the growth of cancerous cells inside the body, chemotherapy can negatively impact the healthy cells of the body at the same time. the radiation process involved in the therapy takes a toll on the immunity which can become severe. accelerated hair fall, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, sore mouth, etc. can be the many side effects of the chemotherapy.

ayurveda and cancer prevention

ayurveda proposes that the lack of the life force (prana) causes the malignancies like cancer to occur in the body. when an imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha creates the environment for toxic accumulation in the body, it leads to manifestation of complex diseases. the dominance of each of these doshas can lead to a specific type of cancer. since prevention is a vital aspect of ayurveda, it lays down a few guidelines for diet and herbal medication, which can lower the possibilities of cancer onset sharply. by consulting a qualified ayurveda doctor, you can understand well what you should eat and what you shouldn’t if your body is showing adverse symptoms and manage the disease better with appropriate herbal medicare. the expert’s recommendation vary for everyone, since the constitution (prakriti) of the individual plays an important role in determining that. ayurveda can help you beat cancer more positively.

ayurveda can reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy significantly

ayurveda for pain in chemotherapy

several renowned hospitals in india and abroad have integrated ayurveda in the patient care regimen post the chemotherapy session. it has been observed that this approach reduced complications and adverse effects in the chemo patients by 60-70 percent with the very first application. panchakarma therapy in combination with prescribed herbal medication offered major relief to the patients, not just by reducing the complications but mitigating the pain as well. the cost of ayurveda care is not too high either and quite affordable. encouraged by these findings, further and extensive research is being done on the scope and effectiveness of ayurveda.

based on these facts, cancer patients can breathe new hope and seek better management of this highly unfortunate and life-threatening disease. talk to an ayurveda expert at the earliest if you or someone close to you has been suffering from cancer and the pain involved with it and has seen no improvement so far. meanwhile these are some dietary tips to follow:

mustn’t haves for cancer patients

  • avoid food that is rich in sugar
  • refrain from taking processed sugar
  • cold drinks and alcohol are a strict no-n
  • do not eat food that has preservatives
  • avoid meat consumption
  • fatty, oily, fried food is forbidden
  • do not eat processed or refined food items

must haves for cancer patients

  • include mild quantity of raw spices in food
  • eat fresh and green vegetables
  • oats, barley, and rye are the recommended grains
  • broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, and tomatoes are ideal
  • eat citrus fruits like orange and lime
  • avoid sweet fruits like banana and mango

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