These 6 Skin Changes Can Indicate Diabetes


By NS Desk 07-Dec-2020

These 6 Skin Changes Can Indicate Diabetes

In pursuance to the International Diabetes Federation, around 42.5 crore people are dealing with diabetes, globally. The number is expected to enhance to 62.9 crores by 2045, which makes it a matter of concern. Diabetes is a chronic disorder that can lead to various other health problems. But the good news is that the situation can be maintained by making normal lifestyle changes and daily medication.

Some people dealing with type 2 diabetes have also demanded to have reversed their situation by making lifestyle changes. Diabetes can affect many sections of the body, inclusive of your skin. When diabetes affects your skin, it is a symptom that either you have undiagnosed diabetes or your existing cure needs to be adjusted.

There are six skin changes that lead you to need to get your blood sugar tested.

1. Red, Yellow, or Brown Smudges on The Skin
This skin situation is known as necrobiosis lipoidica and strikes up as a solid bump that looks like a pimple. As it sledding, these bumps convert into patches of hard and swollen skin. The smudges can be of yellow, brown, or reddish color.

The skin portions of the patch look shiny, you may see the blood vessels and it may feel painful and itchy.

If you see such smudges on your skin, get yourself blood sugar tested.

2. Takes Longer to Heal a Sore
High blood sugar levels for a long time may indicate nerve damage and poor blood circulation. Damaged nerves and poor blood circulation can make it hard for your body to heal sores. This is mainly true for the feet. These open sores are known as diabetic ulcers. Check your feet constantly for open sores.

3. Enormously Itchy and Dry Skin
People dealing with diabetes are most eventually to have itchy and dry skin. Poor blood circulation reasoned by diabetes can indicate itchy and dry skin. If your skin feels enormously dry and no lotion is able to fight with it, it's time to consult your doctor about it.

4. Yellow Scaly Smudges on and Around the Wink
High-fat levels in the blood can be a reason for yellow scaly patches on and around the eyes. It may also be a symptom that you have fractious diabetes. The situation is known as xanthelasma.

5. Blisters
Though it is not very simple, in some matters, people dealing with diabetes may see blisters emerging on their skin. You may see a large blister, a set of blisters, or both. These blisters normally see on the legs, hands, forearms, and feet and look like blisters that show after a serious burn. Unlike the blisters reasoned by the burn, these are not painful.

6. Darker Skin Smudges That Feel Like Velvet
A dark patch or band of velvety skin if seen on your neck. Groin, armpit, or elsewhere can leads that you have too much insulin in your blood. These patches are symptoms of prediabetes. The medical name for this situation is acanthosis nigricans.

If you found any symptoms like these, it's time to consult your doctor about it.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.