Lockdown : Lock your stress now

mental stress during lockdown

The whole universe is facing the current impact of COVID-19. Many country took the powerful step of lock down to prevent the harmful effect of Corona on humanity and consider humanity first in respect of economy.  When cases of corona is increasing day by day and co-morbidity also enhance in vertical manner, Everyone at their home felt the Novel  stress  -lockdown stress.

At current scenario we all work from home, sitting in front of news channel and spend many hour of days only by watching news. Many questions arise now in our mind –  whether will we survive or not, when will be  the lockdown finish, whether will we have enough grocery at our home to survive if lockdown continues, what about our jobs, whether our salaries credit in our account if lockdown continue, how will we increase our immunity  and so on.  These entire questions which arise in our mind start a novel stress called lock down stress due to this novel corona virus.

No other physical or mental issue is more prevalent in our body or mind except this lockdown stress. But this is not the time to stress ourself.  It’s the time to boost our immunity and strength so that together we all fight with this stress as well as with Corona.

Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi during his speech to general public also gives some simple measure to reduce our stress.

Firstly he told us to clap for corona warrior, that claps are not only for corona warrior but also for all of us, it’s a massage for togetherness ,together we will fight against corona and stress, at that particular time we only think about clapping for corona virus, all negative though of lockdown stress just pass by that time.

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Secondly he hold us to ignite the lamp or diya, by doing that we burn out all the negative thought which comes in our mind and we show the positive attitude of togetherness. It’s not the time to boost your stress, it is a time to boost immunity, reduce stress by simply follow some principle of ancient text.

Principles mentioned in classics enhance our mental health. First principle is Achara rasayana. Achara means Behaviour and Rasayana means rejuvenation. So some basic behavior which increase our immunity, promote our mental health called as Achara rasayana.

Achara Rasayana gives us mental strength, boost our social health and enhance our power to fight stress.

Second principle is Sadvritta. Sadvritta is the good conduct with respect to physical, mental and social health. Bath daily ,cut nails in every 5 days ,don’t tell lie ,respect our elders ,talk politely, control anger ,wear neat and clean cloth, by simply follow all these we boost positively within our self.

Proper and Nutritious diet along with medication also enhance our immunity physically, mentally and socially. Only when we are mentally strong and fit after that we are able to face that pandemic. We need to lock ours tress now so that we all together fight as warrior for noval corona virus.

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.