Less Screen Time, Get Rid Off So Many Disease


By NS Desk 21-Nov-2020

Screen Time

World Television Day is a day of global observance celebrated across the world on November 21 to recognize the role of television from the times it came into existence. Television has modified lives and brought a source of Information and knowledge to households of the common man. Even in times of the internet, television continues to be the single largest source of video consumption.

Television seeing plays a major role and influence in our children's lives. While television can inform, entertain, and keep our children company, it may also impact them in inexpedient ways. 

They are impacted by the thousands of commercials seen each year, many of which are for junk food, alcohol, toys, and fast foods. In the case of slightly older children, there are other side effects of sticking in front of the screen for hours.

According to research conducted at Harvard and many other universities around the world, screen time and obesity in children have been seen to be linked. Due to too much screen time children are suffering from many diseases. Here we are going to tell you about those problems or diseases.

Sleep Disorder:

Problems of sleeping issues there are some medical reasons behind sleep like ship apnea syndrome, but most people are struggling with this problem due to their indefinite path and some habits. Due to the indefinite route and deteriorating habits, this problem has not only reached more homes but has started hunting every member of the household.

Most people like to watch TV before bedtime. Shows seen on TV are based on social issues or criminal issues. While watching the serial based on the issues, you start thinking about it. As a result, mind begins to run faster instead of becoming silent. This movement created in the brain starts to take your sleep away from you.


According to research conducted in the US, depression does not surround women who are active in activities and work all day. At the same time, the brain of women who have given more time to watch television serials keeps thinking about the upcoming events for a long time, which increases the pressure on the brain.

Which creates a risk of depression. Watching more TV not only spoils your time, but it does not make the children feel like studying or doing any other work. This makes your physical and mental strength weak.

Dangerous for Health:

Watching too much TV can damage mental health, irritable nature, weak memory, and decisive power. According to research, every year around 500 children become victims of blood cancer by watching Colored TV. So make it a habit for the children to watch TV at least and ask them to play outdoor games.


A recent study at the University of Arizona claimed that keeping children engaged in television day and night can cause stress in parents. The reason for this is to ask children to get the goods shown in advertisements. The study also found that screen addiction is also causing aggression in children. Their refusal to refuse to deliver goods is evidence of this.

Make a rule in your house to avoid these diseases that no member will eat in front of the TV. Your TV viewing schedule changes every week. Sit down with the TV guide and choose some programs from which you are going to watch the week. Then watch it and then turn off the TV.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.