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By NS Desk 23-Nov-2017

Chest Pain

How often you feel pain in chest? No, then you are surely lucky, as the Chest Pain has become a common problem, thanks to our hectic lifestyle. Many times people feel a pain in the chest which at times becomes unbearable. The people often confuse the chest pain with the heart attack, however, there are many other reasons which can lead to chest pain. These reasons could be Acidity, Cold, Gastritis, Coughing, Stress, Anxiety, and many other causes, out of these the most common reason for chest pain is angina. Angina is a medical condition where the muscle of heart does not get enough blood to pump. This could be due to the thickening of arteries that supply blood to the heart. The person can also have shortness of Breath, Sweating, Pain in Arms, Shoulder, Neck, and Jaw along with the Chest Pain.

Ayurveda explains angina due to aggravated Kapha Dosha which leads to the production of toxins known as AMA. These toxins accumulate in the heart channels causing the blockage. The blocking of heat channels aggravates Vata Dosha which also a reason for pain.

The chest pain should not be taken lightly. The person suffering from pain should take the proper guidance as the chest pain could further lead to bigger problems. The person should also know the exact cause of this pain. If after consultation, it comes out that the chest pain is not pointing towards any major cardiac problem; the person can switch to home remedies which can bring relief to the discomfort and pain in the chest.

These Home Remedies for Chest Pain can be taken in regular course as they will help in getting the Relief from Pain,

  • Basil Leaves - Basil or Tulsi is a very good remedy for chest pain. The Basil leaves can be taken in a cup of tea or can be chewed directly during chest pain. The one teaspoon juice of basil leaves along with the one teaspoon of honey, when taken empty stomach, is very good for the heart and prevents chest pain.
  • Turmeric - It is a very common kitchen spice and is readily available. The consumption of half teaspoon in hot milk is very good for Chest Congestion.
  • Ginger - It is also a food item which we are very readily available in the home kitchen and is very good for chest pain. Ginger has Gingerol, Which reduces the cholesterol level and protects the blood vessel. Ginger can be taken in tea or can be chewed raw.
  • Alfalfa Seeds - The person who has the problem of chest pain can take the Alfalfa. Alfalfa reduces the blood level and ensures the proper flow of blood. It can take by mixing the Dried Alfalfa Seeds in tea.
  • Garlic - Garlic is very effective for lowering cholesterol and it improves the blood flow to the heart. The garlic cloves can be consumed in hot water. The people who have the habit of taking cloves of garlic daily with water, that too empty stomach gets benefited from it.
  • Amla - Amla is also very good for chest pain and can be consumed raw with salt or one can chew the dry pieces of Amla.

These are home remedies which are readily available in our kitchens and can bring relief from the chest pain, but if the pain continues one should consult for medical advice.

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.