7 Ayurvedic Herbs for Insomnia


By NS Desk 09-Feb-2021


Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep as long as desired. Insomnia during the night is typically followed by daytime sleepiness, lack of energy, drowsiness, fatigue, irritability, and sulkiness. It can also take a toll on your mental focus which may further impact your daily activities and work commitments. In worse cases it can also lead to depression  Insomnia can be short-term, or chronic, and long term lasting from a few days to months.

The cases of insomnia are at an all-time high. People due to factors like stress, lifestyle habits, and dietary choices are encountering the condition in increasing numbers. If you happen to be suffering from the condition here are seven Ayurvedic herbs that can help you beat insomnia and have sound sleep.

1. Ashwagandha

A tonic root used to help the body under long-term stress. Ashwagandha improves energy and cognition by acting on relaxing neurotransmitter systems and protecting brain cells from damage. As stress is a huge factor in raised cortisol levels, helping to keep stress under control will be a huge factor in boosting sleep quality.

2. Lavender

This violet wonder is high in essential oils that relieve stress and improve sleep. Lavender’s relaxing effects are considered to be largely due to the essential oils present, whether inhaled, ingested, or applied topically.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon provides a gently warming, sweet yet sugar-free flavor while helping improve blood sugar levels. Sleep deprivation increases cortisol levels, which can cause increased rates of insulin resistance the leading cause of type 2 diabetes. Cinnamon is said to prevent this insulin resistance, as well as helping improve glucose tolerance. Cinnamon has also been said to improve indigestion, which can often end up keeping us awake at night. Sprinkle some over your pre-bed bowl of porridge and drift off peacefully.

4. Chamomile Flower

It’s not just lavender that provides relaxing essential oils, chamomile flower does too. These oils help calm our ‘fight, or flight’, sympathetic nervous system, improving sleep quality. Chamomile flower also contains an antioxidant called apigenin, said to help calm an anxious mind. What’s more, chamomile tea has traditionally been used to ease digestive complaints linked to nervous conditions.

5. Oats

A small bowl of porridge an hour before bedtime might not be the worst idea. Oats have been traditionally used to recover from stress-induced nervous fatigue and to aid restful sleep.

6. Valerian

Valerian has been used by people for thousands of years. Even today, its remarkably calming effect is a great comfort to people struggling with everything from sleep and insomnia to nervous anxiousness. This is one of our favorite herbs for sleep and can be found in our much-loved Night Time blend. Interestingly, many cats also love the smell of this herb and its effects are similar to catnip.

7. Nutmeg

Not just for Christmas, this warming spice has a reputation for its settling and calming properties in both traditional Indonesian herbal medicine and Western herbal medicine. It’s said to help you stay asleep as well as fall asleep.

This content loaded with suggestions provides casual information only. It is in no way a replacement for a qualified medical opinion. Always talk with an Ayurveda doctor for more queries.

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