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10 Benefits of Bringing Figs into Your Dincharya


By NS Desk 09-Dec-2020

10 Benefits of Bringing Figs into Your Dincharya

Health can be preserved with the use of figs. Also, if there is a disease, the symptoms can be reduced to some extent. Here we are showing 10 benefits of bringing figs into your Dincharya (daily routine).

1. Benefits of Figs for Digestion and Constipation
Having figs can help the digestive system work well and the issue of constipation can be avoided. To reform the digestive system, soak two-three figs in water overnight and eat the same morning or next with honey.
Fiber is needed to reform the digestive system and reduce constipation. At the same time, figs are rich in fiber. Therefore, when the fig is consumed, the fiber in it can help to collect and excrete feces. Being able to clean the stomach, figs can be beneficial for the stomach.

2. Benefits of Figs for Low Weight
If someone is thinking about losing weight, then fig can help. Figs are high in fiber and low in calories. Also, dried fig fruit has very little fat (0.56%). Therefore, it can be helpful in weight loss. This is why the benefit of eating figs also includes the occurrence of weight gain.

3. Benefits of Figs for Cholesterol
The hypolipidemic effect is found in fig leaves, due to which it can decrease lipid serum levels called triglyceride and increase good cholesterol (HDL). At the same time, another research confirms that the consumption of figs does not change the levels of harmful cholesterol (LDL), triglyceride, and total cholesterol. Based on these two studies, it can be said that more research is still needed to find out what are the benefits of FIG for cholesterol.

4. Benefits of Figs for Liver
Along with fig fruit, its leaves can also be good for health, as fig tree leaves have been found to be effective in keeping the liver healthy. This is confirmed by a research paper published on the NCBI website. Figleaves have hepatoprotective (liver protection) properties, which can protect the liver from harmful elements. For a healthy liver, a powder of fig leaves can be consumed. Apart from this, tea made from fig leaves can be used for its benefits.

5. Benefits of Figs for Diabetes
There are many such beneficial ingredients in fig leaves, which is beneficial for diabetic patients. fig leaves contain Ethyl acetate extract. It may show antidiabetic effects by stimulating insulin production via pancreatic beta cells. Therefore, the benefits of eating figs include the prevention of diabetes. 
To detract impact of diabetes, fig leaves can be intake by making tea. Boil four-five leaves of the fig in hot water and drink it after boiling. Also, dry the fig leaves first and then grind them to make powder. Now make a tea of ​​this powder and drink it.

6. Properties of Figs in Preventing Wrinkles
Unfortunately, wrinkles on the face prove to be a stain on beauty. Figs can be used to avoid this. Juice of fig fruit can detract the levels of skin melanin and sebum (a type of oil released from the body). Also, it can keep the skin hydrated. Therefore, figs can be used as a treatment for hyperpigmentation, pimples, and wrinkles.
The proteolytic enzyme is found in the latex of fig, which has an anti-cancer effect. Therefore, cancer cell lines may be sensitive to this. From this, it can be speculated that the consumption of figs can impede the growth of cancer cells present in the stomach. The latex of figs can inhibit tumor growth. Therefore, cancer can be avoided by regularly consuming figs.

7. Benefits of Figs for Bones
Figs can be considered a good source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. All these qualities are necessary to strengthen the bones of the body. The beneficial elements of figs can work effectively on bones, which can increase their strength. There is no doubt that calcium is necessary for bones. This is why it is advisable to eat figs for the health of bones because calcium is found in plenty in figs.

8. Benefits of Figs for Blood Pressure
If figs are consumed regularly, blood pressure can be kept balanced. The flavonoids, phenols, and potassium found in figs can reduce and reduce the risk of hypertension and keep it balanced. By keeping blood pressure balanced, fig compounds can also be effective in protecting against chronic heart diseases.

9. Source of Energy
The body needs energy for a day's run. To maintain this energy, it may be better to include figs in your diet along with food. There are 249 calories in dried figs, which can provide enough energy to the body. Therefore, the benefits of eating figs also include keeping energy levels better.

10. Benefits of Eating Figs to Increase Immunity
If our immunity is not good, then many diseases surround our body. Therefore, if the immunity is to be improved, the consumption of figs may be beneficial for that. A compound called polysaccharide is found in fig, which has an immunomodulatory effect. The immunomodulator works to improve immunity. Therefore, it may be beneficial to consume figs daily.

Yes, if someone is seriously ill, then it would be right to seek medical treatment at this stage. 

consult with ayurveda doctor.
Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.
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