Ayurvedic Way To Survive Delhi Air Pollution


By NS Desk 10-Nov-2017

Air Pollution

Home Remedies for Air Pollution

Air, a necessity for everyone including human being and animals, however, today we are striving to breathe in fresh air. As you all know, delhi’s pollution is getting worse day by day, fog converts into smog and we are forced to breathe in this atmosphere. However, this condition arises just because of us but when pollution gets worse we also need a solution for this to keep our lungs healthy.

We are moving towards the modern technologies such as air purifiers to solve this issue while some switch to the ancient ayurvedic procedure to fight this smog in delhi. If we look back to our roots, we would find various ways to keep ourselves immune from such violent climatic changes. Here are certain household ingredients that are so simple, easily available and equally effective to counter any kinds of disorders in the body.


Studies show the effectiveness of neem in the human body. Widely known for its antimicrobial properties, neem is also known for effectively combating pollutant disorders in our systems. Its detoxification properties help to cleanse your system of the toxicity that gets embedded in your blood. Also, consumption of fresh and tender neem leaves early in the morning on an empty stomach makes your bloodstream potentially immune against any pollutant impacts.


According to hindu beliefs and traditions, a tulsi plant must be potted in every household for worshipping. This, however, has scientific backgrounds. Tulsi leaves are known for absorbing pollutants and hence it is a good practice to have a tulsi plant at your homes. Plus, this ancient medicinal herb also has antibacterial properties and it strengthens the respiratory tract. It also builds up lymph nodes which in turn boost your immunity.


Turmeric is again a great antiseptic and an immunity booster. Turmeric relieves the lungs of phlegm and should be consumed with warm milk or salt and lukewarm water. Turmeric also acts as an excellent face cleanser and removes all dirt from skin pores preventing pimple or acne breakouts.

Clarified butter

Commonly known as ghee, this boon is potentially useful to counter respiratory diseases. Ghee combined with powdered cardamom seeds is known for preventing nasal bleeding. Ghee also prevents accumulation of toxic elements like lead or mercury in the kidney, liver, and bones.


Triphala is known to Rebalance the Tridosha and so it becomes an active ingredient for countering pollution. Triphala also keeps the stomach in perfect balance which is also a reason why it keeps the body functioning in order.


This fruit is an excellent Cardioprotector. also, it boosts your bloodstream and makes the blood in your veins pollution free and healthy.


Put eucalyptus or peppermint oil in boiling water when taken in as steam is known for removing lung disorders. It helps to combat lung irritation, throat inflammation and also respiratory spasms.


A commonly used sweet in every house helps in improving respiratory disorder including bronchitis and asthma. By consuming it regularly with sesame seed can do wonder for the respiratory system.

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.