Healthy Morning Routine For A Healthier Day


By NS Desk 13-Dec-2017

A healthy day starts with a healthy morning. However, most of us still wake up tired, grumpy and unwilling to move from the bed. This could be a result of stress, bad lifestyle choices, or simply for the lack of a good morning routine. So, let's help you design a healthy morning routine that keeps you healthier and active all day long.

Here is what to do:

  • Wake up to natural sunlight
    Natural sunlight helps in managing your circadian rhythms. If you wake up to natural sunlight instead of annoying alarms, your body will feel at ease and you will have more energy. Once your circadian rhythm adopt to such a morning routine (which will be quick), you will easily be able to manage early morning stress. Your body will feel lighter and your mood will also be better.
  • Avoid coffee, drink lemon water
    If you are habitual of drinking a coffee as soon as you wake up, then it is high time you give up on this practice. Instead, drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up. This will rev up your metabolism and help your digestion stay strong. For an extra boost, you can add some lemon and/or honey to the water to enhance the taste and keep you energetic all through the day.
  • Stretch
    After having your daily glass of lemon water, you must do a couple of stretching exercises. They will help your body in ‘waking up’ and getting rid of muscular tensions. A good early morning stretch could be all you need to feel fresh. Spare for some for a few yoga postures to ensure a more rejuvenated morning.
  • Take a bath, a colder one
    Even if you love to bathe in hot water, it is advisable to keep the temperature of the water as low as possible. This does not mean you should bathe in the water below 5-degree celsius. Just choose a temperature that is the lowest that your body can endure on any given day. Cold showers are good for making you feel alive. They will help you feel more relaxed as well.
  • Meditate
    Of course, long meditation sessions are simply not practical in the mornings for many people. Hence, you should be focusing on short but fruitful meditation sessions. Just focus your mind on positive thoughts for at least 10 minutes and find a new way to make your days better.

If you follow this routine regularly, then you will be getting better health and mood, day in and day out.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.