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By NS Desk 20-Dec-2017

Vaidya (Dr.) Sunil Arya

Vaidya (Dr.) Sunil Arya

The Ayurveda Journey with Dr. Sunil Arya

Recipient of the global healthcare excellence award 2014, Dr. Sunil Arya is the kind of medical practitioner who always puts their patients first before everything else. Having served in the field of Ayurveda for 23 years so far, he still considers himself a scholar of the discipline. He comes off as a rare and knowledgeable doctor whose vast experience is only a stimulus to his penchant for accomplishing more for his patients. Dr. Arya practices from his jeevniya clinic in Gurgaon.

How it all Began

The holistic environment at home became the first footing for Dr. Sunil Arya in his childhood itself. The belief of his parents in a healthy lifestyle, responsible living, and traditional ethos acted as a foundation for Dr. Arya’s faith in Ayurveda as he grew up. The inclination of the family toward the cultural roots built a certain interest in him about the importance of immunity and health.

The Dilemma of The Right Choice

From the beginning, Dr. Arya knew it fittingly that wellness does not just mean a healthy body, but a sound mind and good thinking too. The general trend, however, to choose a career in modern medicine over the traditional one perplexed him too after his high school years. Dr. Arya recalls this as a phase of thinking and re-thinking about the choices, doubts, and confusions in decisions to be taken ahead, defining and re-defining priorities, etc.

As destiny called for it, he went on to pursue his bachelor's in ayurvedic medicine and surgery and during the studies realized to his own delight that this is something he can easily relate to. The essence of Ayurveda was already a part of his upbringing and now that he could see it in a rational light as he began his professional studies, it sort of comforted him to a great degree and strengthened his faith in it.

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The Struggles of a Young Ayurveda Doctor

After graduating as a doctor of Ayurveda, new challenges began to surface. the lack of awareness about the Ayurveda medicine in the mainstream, people coming to it with little trust and only after having tried modern medicine for too long all in vain, lesser turn out of patients and the naturally slow process of building a reputation in the initial phase -- all these hurdles were to be negotiated with due diligence and a lot of courage. Finding a mentor was difficult too. Dr. Arya chuckles, “such a complex nature of struggle sometimes tends to disappoint you, even depress you. I was fortunate to have great teachers who motivated me enough and raised my confidence every time I seemed low in spirits.

Finally, this phase came to an end and the hard work, as well as my commitment to Ayurveda, started proving great results for the patients, the word-of-mouth recognition spread, and more people got interested. It was heartening to see the reach extending and more people choosing Ayurveda as an authentic answer to their health-related problems.”

Practicing Trust and Reliability Through Ayurveda

In day to day practice, Dr. Arya notices that the patients often come to Ayurveda after trying different treatments in modern medicine. They offer little trust and hope for the same allopathic approach to their diseases. It takes a lot of convincing and awareness to help them understand that in order to be fully well, the root of the cause has to be cured. Unlike modern medicine, Ayurveda is not about just medicines, but a lot about the lifestyle too.

Dr. Arya tells us that initially, patients are reluctant to change their lifestyle even slightly. They just want the medication. “such challenges from the patients must be dealt with patience,” says Dr. Arya. “Ayurveda has limited medicines and the prescribed medicines cannot be replaced with a substitute. If the patient has to follow the treatment in a particular way, there is no alternative to it, or else it would not work.”

Future of Ayurveda

“We have to understand that Ayurveda is not just a treatment science, but an alternative way of living. It is an ancient wisdom and proven preventive care for wellness. if we understand this and the people become more aware of this golden concept for good health, the future of Ayurveda would always be a bright one.”

NirogStreet and Technology

NirogStreet is developing an ecosystem using technology to ensure authentic and reliable care so that Ayurveda becomes the first call of treatment for the masses. Dr. Arya is optimistic about the role of technology in Ayurveda. He thinks technology is helping the industry prepare medicines and tools with better precision and quality. It also brings more transparency. He adds that it should be seen that technology does not compromise with the essence of Ayurveda.

“Many Ayurveda products in the market which should purely have herbs are adulterated with chemicals. for example, garlic pills available commercially do not have the same properties that natural garlic has. such a practice should stop and technology should push only natural products,” Dr. Arya points out.

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On His Hobbies and Leisure Time

Dr. Arya is an admirer of nature and wildlife. He spends his leisure time in the tranquility of forests and natural sceneries. Perhaps, that is his way to take some time out of his professional life without stepping away from the harmony that he imbibes from Ayurveda. When he is not practicing, he offers lectures and mentorship to various communities formed by kids, women, the elderly, etc. he considers himself a lifelong scholar of Ayurveda. He emphasizes that while practicing Ayurveda, to treat is to teach. that is really a unique and original way of bringing awareness to the people.

A Message on Wellness for the People

“I would like to tell the people health is not just about the biochemical fitness. They should know that wellness incorporates overall fitness, whether it is emotional health, mental health, physical health, spiritual health, or monetary health. Everything is synergy and we must view it like that. The focus should not be limited to the health of the body, but to the inner immunity, healthy thoughts too.” Dr. Arya and Ayurveda become synonymous with these thoughts.

(Dr. Sunil Arya completed his BAMS (bachelor in ayurvedic medicine and surgery) from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak in 1994. He has done his MD (doctor of medicine) in Ayurveda from Guru Ravidas Ayurved University, Hoshiarpur. he regularly offers community-based lectures and conducts workshops for corporate organizations.)

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.