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Air, Water, Sunshine, Exercise, Diet, And Rest Are Six Best Doctors: Dr. Satish Agrawal


By NS Desk 09-Apr-2018

Interview with satish agrawal

Dr. satish agrawal is an ayurveda and panchakarma expert with over 16 years of experience. he is currently practising as the chief ayurveda consultant at “sparsh ayurveda panchkarma wellness clinic” in indore. he is author of the book ‘investigative utility in ayurvedic practice’, which was published in 2013 from pratibha publication. he has also published 5 international papers on diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, and eczema in peered review journals. read dr. satish agrawal’s interview with nirogstreet below.

please tell us about your educational background, qualifications, and achievements.

I have done b.a.m.s. from government ashtang ayurved college, indore (madhya pradesh).

I have an m.d. (ayurveda) in kayachikitsa from m.m.m. government ayurvedic college, udaipur, rajasthan. I also have a diploma in clinical research and clinical data management from pune. it has over 16 years of experience as an ayurveda practitioner and panchkarma specialist.

previously, I also worked as principal investigator for himalaya drug company and as a senior professor in the department of kayachikitsa at shubhdeep ayurved medical college and hospital, indore. I worked as principal ayurveda consultant at digamber jain charitable clinic, indore. I am associated with many private and semi-government ayurvedic institutions and societies as visiting and guest faculty.

I am also a member of national integrated medical association (nima).

Why did you choose Ayurvedic practices?

Ayurveda is the only therapy in any medicine system which focuses on body constitution (Prakriti) of the individual to treat the disease rather than suppressing the disease as in the case of modern medical system. The philosophy of Prakriti of Tridosha (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) is a powerful philosophy on which Ayurveda is based. It is so effective in treating all diseases. Ayurveda originated in India 3,000 to 5,000 years ago and it is a pure Indian medicinal system through which anyone and everyone can get benefitted. Ayurveda is not a mere treatment methodology but it also deals with the aspect of “lifestyle”. All these characteristics of Ayurveda led me to work in this field only.

What is your experience when it comes to treating patients? Do they trust the treatment?

Patients turn to Ayurveda only when they have lost faith in modern medicine. However, there’s a perception that modern medicine does treat the disease much faster compared to Ayurveda and the patient often becomes restless because of comparatively long treatment time taken in Ayurveda to treat the disease. But the fact is that Ayurveda doesn’t take a long time to treat the illness, but since patients turn to Ayurveda when the disease has become chronic, obviously, a long-seated disease in the body would take time to heal.

Any challenge that you face as a practitioner?

Ayurveda is just not a medicinal system but a “way to live life”. To heal the disease, medicines carry 25% weightage while 75% weightage is attributed to lifestyle. patients just want to take medicine but don’t understand the importance of right way of living. In most of the cases, a disease can be cured by just adhering to right way of living. but in today’s world, patients only want to get healthy by taking medicines without adhering to right way of living.

Any out of ordinary situation that you have faced while treating a patient?

Not really.

How effective is traditional medicine as a cure?

As i mentioned earlier, Ayurveda is a “way of living”. More than medicines, it is our living style which has more impact on the cure of the disease. But at overall level, Ayurvedic medicines are mostly formed using natural herbs which give side benefits rather than side effects. Today everyone is turning to Ayurveda as modern system of medicine has failed to give long lasting disease-free life. The disease resurfaces after sometime in Allopathy treatment. In case of Ayurveda, the treatment is permanent in most of the cases and without any side effects.

What do you think of Ayurveda’s future and its role in integrated medicine?

The future has only started and it’s here to stay for long now. If that wouldn’t have been the case, the first National Ayurveda Institute, AIIA ( All India Institute Of Ayurveda), wouldn’t have been a reality. In 2017, India got its first AIIA in New Delhi inaugurated by honorable prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi. And there are many more to come-up. Medanta, a renowned hospital chain based on the modern Allopathy practice also opened a section of alternative medicine system in its chain of hospitals which proves the fact that need is felt for “Ayurveda way of life and cure”. All FMCG brands have lately started focusing on herbal medicines and herbal products. In fact, I wish if we could term Ayurveda as the main medicinal system rather than alternative medicinal system. Ayurveda is a gift from India to this world, so why in our country we should think of Ayurveda as some alternative medicinal system?

Do you think Nirogstreet is making a difference through its community-focused technology platform and society-connect initiatives?

We require hundreds of efforts similar to those of Nirogstreet to actually change the perception of Ayurveda and connect to every individual to Ayurveda. The initiative taken by Nirogstreet is commendable and i wish them all the best in this initiative. Let each one of us imbibe the teaching of Ayurveda in our life and remain healthy and happy.

Any hobbies or activities you engage in, outside your professional life?

I’m member of a lot of social and charitable organizations. Being social and serving in whichever way i can to my society gives me a lot of happiness.

What message would you like to convey to the people on Wellbeing?

There are six best Doctors in the world - Air, Water, Sunshine, Exercise, Diet, and Rest. If you can understand this, then you would never need to visit any doctor. The best part is, besides diet, all the rest of these doctors are freely available. Diet is the only doctor which you need to spend on. Follow the fundamental advice of these 6 Doctors and you would always remain healthy without requiring any modern or herbal medicine. I will also request people to visit my website www.sparshayurvedaclinic.in to understand more about health, wellness and Ayurveda.

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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.