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Kalmegh: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


By NS Desk 17-Dec-2020


India, the great nation, is profoundly well known for its ancient medicinal practice, Ayurveda. Various types of research and debates have been performed over time to identify the evolution of medicinal plants' use from a historical aspect. The majority of researches state it existed in the Indus valley civilization even before Aryan dominance. It is considered that Ayurveda is essential to cure a wide variety of diseases in the past and the present era. Kalmegh is one of such medicinal herbs that have been profoundly used to cure a bunch of illnesses.
Kalmegh, the bitter plant, has been used for different medical purposes for ages. This plant is usually found in India and Sri Lanka. It is often known as Green chiretta among people.
In demographic aspects, the herb Kalmegh originated among a small tribe named Kirat, who lived in between the woods of the Himalayas in ancient times. The etymology of the name Kalmegh is coined from the term Kiratatikta, meaning bitter herb of the Kirata people.
Ayurvedic Treatment
The scientific name of Kalmegh is Andrographispaniculata, and it belongs to the family of Acanthaceae. The roots and leaves of the plant are found to have brilliant analgesic properties and are also very useful for liver treatment and constipation. Boiling the mixture of leaves with water is considered a good solution for treating stomach infection.
Moreover, patients suffering from diabetes and arthritis can also use Kalmegh. Kidney and retina related problems can also be cured with the magic of Kalmegh.
Treating Diseases
Nowadays, in the mundane urban life, our lives are shrouded with different health issues; we focus on allopathic and western treatments, which are very expensive. However, suppose we harness our ancient knowledge on Ayurveda. In that case, we can unlock the mantra to a sustainable and side-effect free healing procedure of the body and purify our souls. The following sections demonstrate the different medicinal usage and benefits of Kalmegh in a tabulated format for ease of understanding.



Kalmegh reduces joint pain from our body; it is very effective in the treatment of arthritis.

A vigorously blended paste of 15-20 Kalmegh leaves is useful to cure arthritis.




Kalmegh is used in chemotherapy treatment. It can cure cancer.

Few leaves can be used for high fever; the herb with its coolness can reduce the body's temperature.

It is useful for chronic lung diseases, bronchitis, etc. The herb is used in angioplasty treatment.

Any kind of skin allergy or rash can be treated with this herb. This is very healthy for skin treatment. If we take a few leaves daily, it will help to purify our blood.

This herb is also important for stomach infection and constipation.

Kalmegh juice is very good to cure diabetes. If it's taken properly every day in good amounts, patients suffering from diabetes can be cured.

Other Treatments
From the above synthesis, it can be inferred that Kalmegh is used for several treatments, and the successful experiments of the medicines are benefitting the medical authorities, and the rate of success in treatment method is also increasing as well.
Different Medicines Made Out of Kalmegh
● Kalmeghasava is used for any kind of fatal fever. Viral fever occurred due to seasonal changes that can be easily cured. Moreover, dengue, malaria these types of diseases can be cured by using this medicine. 12-24 ml medicine mixed with bit water can be taken after a meal course daily.
● Kalmegh active medicine is used for any kind of liver treatment. Skin issues or allergies that arise mainly in summer can be cured by using this. Any kind of fungal infection will be cured. This medicine works for the purification of blood. 2-3 tablespoon of this medicine should be taken with water after breakfast or even after dinner every day. Any kind of Ayurvedic medical shop can provide this medicine; normally, a 200 ml. bottle is provided by the sellers.
● Kalmegh Mother Tincture is very effective for Hepatitis B, jaundice, etc. Loose motions or constipation can also be cured by using this medicine. Stomach cramps can also be prevented. This medicine will be taken a day thrice by mixing up 20-25 drops with 1/4th cup of water. 10drops with 1/4th cup water will be taken per 3 hours gap in a day, and jaundice will be cured. The burning sensation of the skin can also be avoided. High fever, hunger issues of kids can be cured with the help of this effective medicine. A 30 ml. bottle is very effective to use.
● Consummation of Kalmegh leaves after boiling it a bit helps to purify our blood and maintain blood vessels' pressure level; it smoothens the blood flow. It also helps to combat anaemia.
● Powder of this herb is used for fighting against diabetes. This herb helps balance the glucose level in the blood; patients suffering from diabetes are supposed to consume a bit of Kalmegh after consulting with the doctor. It increases the antidiabetic effect and helps to remove diabetes without producing any toxicity.
● Any kind of injury will be cured by consuming a paste of Kalmegh leaves. If you face any cut or any kind of skin infection, the leaves will be effective. It contains antioxidant elements and thus can be used for skin treatment.
30-35 drops of Kalmegh juice is very effective to increase the appetite. 15 drops of juice are effective for gastric dysentery. It acts as an antibiotic in typhoid fever treatment.
Side Effects of Kalmegh
Like all natural things, Kalmegh also obeys the elemental tipping of Earth and its natural habitats. Kalmegh can be used to cure different health problems when it is used with practical quantification. Excess consumption of Kalmegh is bad and can have negative effects on Health. The following list illustrates the most common side-effects of excess consumption of Kalmegh.
● Loss of appetite can occur due to excessive intake,
● Nausea related problems,
● Vomiting tendency and allergies,
● Skin rashes,
● occurring of swollen lymph glands and elevations of liver enzymes,
● Headache and fatigue.
Pregnancy Issues:
Pregnant ladies should not take it via mouth as miscarriages can occur. No proper information is given whether one can use it during breastfeeding. So, pregnant ladies should avoid this to stay on the safer side.
The children can have it via the mouth. But sometimes it makes the immune system more active, which finally results in auto-immune disease.
Bleeding Problem
It can slow blood clotting and increase the risk of excessive bleeding. So, people with bleeding disorders should not have this medicine. 
Lower Blood Pressure
This medicine can lower blood pressure levels, and people already have low blood pressure should avoid this.
Kalmegh is useful to fight against cancer as it prevents the growth of excessive cells. Chemotherapy treatment is also becoming successful with the use of this herb. This magical herb has been useful since ancient times: from Ayurveda to the modern era. From the books of Sushruta to the technologically advanced modern hospitals, this herb's charm is still not faded. Experts from different countries give value to this beautiful herb.
This herb usually grows in India and Sri Lanka. It is cultured in huge amounts, and then the leaves and roots are taken from the tree. Then the items are sent to different factories, and the production of medicine begins. The market value of this herb is slowly increasing. Kalmegh medicines are widely used in homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatment. Different Ayurvedic medical shops provide medicines made out of this herb, which is very useful.
India, the nation of culture and wonder, is well known for its Ayurvedic treatment, and Kalmegh is essential for that purpose. It has numerous benefits, such as it can cure any lungs or liver-related problems. Any type of fatal fever vanishes with a touch of Kalmegh juice. Children suffering from krimican be cured by taking Kalmegh syrup.
Kalmegh tastes extremely bitter. The patients suffering from diabetes are advised to take a fixed amount of juice per day to balance their sugar level. They can have it every day, and its cooling nature can fight any kind of fungal infection. This herb possesses such magical values that are uncountable. It not only helps to cure diseases but also is available at a reasonable price. People of different ages can have it, such as children for stomach issues, adults for diabetic problems, or women suffering from anaemia.
People of our generation should acknowledge the herb which grows massively every year, possessing such great qualities. It can be a great help, and we, the future generation, can do a lot of experiments by using this single herb only, and the results will be amazing for sure. The botanists can do some research work to make use of this herb more and more.
We are all aware that this pandemic has placed medical science in a sensitive situation and pressurized the doctors and biologists to discover medicines and vaccines as soon as possible for the sake of humankind. So, we should involve ourselves more with our native herbs to discover new medicines that can cure a person of any deadly disease.
Habitat And Market Potential
It grows in a great ratio worldwide, especially in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It naturally grows from seeds. Usually, summer in India is the best time to cultivate this herb.
The market value of this herb is demandable. It has been used to treat gastrointestinal tract and upper respiratory infections since ancient times. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to get rid of excessive body heat by its coolness. In Scandinavian countries, this herb is used to treat cough and cold.
In Thailand, this herb is given much more importance by the ministry itself. The commercial value of this herb is somehow decreasing due to limited unavailability. But due to the demand, the farmers are convinced to cultivate more herbs following its market value.
Medicinal Attributes
● It can abort the pregnancy
● It acts as a pain killer as it is analgesic
● It can fight against Bacterial diseases.
● Can fight against free radicals.
● It kills cancer cells.
● It possesses cardiovascular activity and can cure heart disease.
● Eliminates mucus from the respiratory system.
● It increases white cell phagocytosis, improves T-lymphocytes counts.
● Sometimes, it can be used as a sedative.
● It prevents blood clotting.
● It helps to kill intestinal worms.
● It can also fight against snake venom.
● It is antiviral.
● It can even prevent hypoglycemia.
Based on its properties, we can consider that Kalmegh is a good source for medicine more than any synthetic drug. The conventional method of this species is leading to limited production, and thus the usage is limited. But based on its magical value, slowly, the production rate is increasing, and people are also becoming aware of this herb. They are developing an interest in Ayurveda rather than other advanced medical treatments.
The tinctures and extracts are very well known in Indian pharmacy. In Sanskrit, the actual name is Mahatikta that means 'king of bitters.' Cholera, influenza, bronchitis are cured with the help of the plant. It can cure stomach ailments in infants. Leaves are used for viral fever, and the tincture is used for the treatments of snake bites. 
 Brief Information About The Plant
Andrographis Paniculata is traditionally used for the treatment of a cold. It has immunological, antibacterial properties. It is a kind of folk medicine used differently in different countries. For example, in Malaysia, it is used to treat hypertension. The herb acts as an anti-cancer agent strongly. The unbelievable properties that the herb possesses are:
● It is antihepatotoxic.
● It possesses anti-cancer and anti-HIV properties.
● The herb is antiviral as well.
● It is antithrombotic.
● It shows hypoglycemic and hypotensive activities.
● It is a protozoa cidal.
The leaves and stems of the plant are mainly used for medicines. The roots are less used. Any soil having enough organic matter is always perfect for the cultivation of this crop. It also grows vastly on roads and villages. No major disease infection happens due to cultivation. The plants at their flowering stage after 90-120 days are cut, the first harvest is done after 50-60 days, and after that, the final harvest is performed.  The cultivation period usually takes place in the rainy phase of summer.
The herb has various names in different languages. Such as- in Bengali, it is Kalmegh, in English: The Creat, king of Bitters; Hindi: Kirayat; Marathi: Oli-Kiryata; Sanskrit: Kalmegh; Tamil: Nilavembu and in Oriya: Bhunimba.  
Andrographis is sold as a medicine. For extraction of andrographolides, a solvent extraction method is usually taken with ethanol, and tinctures are the most common way of dispensing the product. The solid-liquid extraction of the stems and leaves is performed using a good proportion of water and ethanol to get andrographolide.
 According to ayurveda, women should avoid this medicine during pregnancy for their safety. It has very low toxicity. 
● It is analgesic in nature.
● It shows remarkable activity in destroying the bacterial infection.
● The herb is antiperiodic as well.
● It shows antipyretic features.
● It is depurative; the main purpose is to purify the system.
● It helps in digestion.
● It is an expectorant.
● It shows hepatoprotective property.
● Performs well in immune enhancement by inhibiting HIV-1 replication and improves CD4 counts.
● The herb is laxative
● Sometimes it is used as a herbal sedative, hops, skullcap, etc.
THe receptors function to bind hormones, neurotransmitters, and other molecules that regulate. Panicula counteract the cell cycle, which is helpful for the development of cancer and HIV-1. It is a potent antiviral agent and is also antiproliferative. It immunes the system mainly in two ways:1. An antigen-specific response where antibodies fight against microbes, 2.Non-specific immune response where macrophage cells destroy invaders.  
What Are The Effects on HIV And Other Viruses?
In the human body, HIV enters the body by combining two molecules on the cell's surface. Panicula helps in improving the CD4  lymphocyte levels. It inhibited the expression of mitogen-activated protein kinase and apoptotic regulatory proteins.
Does It Help To Cure  Fever And Common Cold?
Rat study in China shows that andrographolide can lower the fever produced by fever-inducing agents., such as bacterial endotoxins. AP extract possesses antiulcerogenic activity. The herbs are used with antibiotics to kill the bacteria. According to Dr. Stephen Holt, natural remedies are safer.
Does It Have Intestinal Effect?
The Ap components, andrographolide is a common antidiarrheal drug. The inflammation of the colon is treated with a combination of AP and Rehmannia glutinosa. Patients use capsules of aerial parts for 3 days. These aerial parts are, however, more effective in treating diarrhoea. 
Does It Help To Cure Cardiovascular Diseases?
AP helps in angioplasty procedures. It prevents the constriction of blood vessels. It also reduces the high cholesterol level. The use of AP prevents abnormal changes in heart reading. Also, infarction was induced, ap activates fibrinolysis that dissolves clots.AP keeps blood flow smoothly so that the oxygen flow to the brain remains unaltered.
Intestinal Effect
The andrographolides are stimulators for gallbladder function. It decreases the chances of gallstone formation and also fat digestion. It decreases the amount of bile also. Andrographolide acts as a strong hepatoprotective agent.
Does It Cause Antifertility?
AP usually prevents ovulation. It is effective in inhibiting human progesterone production. This hormone is essential for a successful pregnancy.  The derivatives present in AP cause infertility. It appears as contraceptives, which is proved by some proper research works.  
Does It Have Effect on Brain?
AP products act as good sedatives. The anesthesia given with the help of this herb is good enough, and it lasts long. The performance takes place at the barbital receptors in the brain.
Does It Have Effect on Respiratory System?
AP products are used to treat tonsillitis, tuberculosis, and other respiratory infections. The combination of andrographolide and rifampin is used for treating tuberculosis, and great success in recovery has been observed. AP treatment is also useful for chronic lung disease and bronchitis.  
What Are Its Effects on Other Diseases?
AP is very effective as a standard drug. Recent research has shown that patients treated with AP drugs did not experience any regrowth of a tumor in the experiment. AP drugs are also used to treat cervical erosion, leprosy, pelvic infection, chickenpox, mumps, and burns. Herpes can be cured with this medicine. Studies and trials have shown that AP products are also used for skin treatment. But high doses of this medicine can bring some side effects. 
In conclusion, we can say that Andrographis Paniculata is folk medicine used to combat fever and infections since ancient ages. It can decrease fertility in both males and females. So, day by day, the market value is increasing, and people are drawing interest to work on this particular herb.
And surprisingly, the cultivation rate is increasing to cope up with the demand. Researchers and biologists should devote themselves more to working with this particular herb. I am dead sure that we will get good results very soon, and this will bring more benefits to medical science and will be able to save humankind from any kind of deadly disease.
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Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.