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Green coffee: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


By NS Desk 13-Dec-2020

Green coffee

Green coffee is made from the beans or seeds of Coffea fruit. The seeds are unroasted, unlike other coffee beans that are usually roasted and then sold. Green coffee beans have a high amount of chlorogenic acid; many other coffees get roasted and hence lose the total amount of chlorogenic acid, but green coffee beans are not roasted and hence have high levels of chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee is useful when a person wants to lose weight, and many studies have proven the same. The green coffee beans are usually in green color, but sometimes you can find them in yellowish-brown color. The chlorogenic acid present in the unroasted green coffee beans is said to have many health benefits ranging from weight loss to good excretion of human waste.

History Of Green Coffee

The origins of coffee beans date back to around 1000AD when African tribes used to grind the beans with different berries varieties. This was later modified by fermenting the dried berries and turning it into a type of wine. At the beginning of the discovery of coffee berries, people used to use it as food as compared to the modern usage of the beans as a beverage.

Coffee beans usually grow in the equatorial regions, and hence South American and South African countries are famous for the production and supplying of coffee beans. At the beginning of the discovery of coffee beans, only a few countries used to enjoy it, but as years moved, the beans or berries were being exported to other countries.

And other countries used to give their own twist to the berries, and eventually, after various modifications and combinations, we now see the modern version of coffee known as green coffee, which has many health benefits that can solve many of the physical problems of humans. Brazil is the biggest coffee beans exporter in the 21st century. They occupy almost 30% of the coffee beans industry.

Making Of Green Coffee

The green coffee bean refers to the bean that is not roasted. If the coffee beans are immature, they are green in appearance, and when they mature, they have a yellowish-brown appearance to them. The skin or the flesh of the cherry is separated to reveal the seeds. The seeds of this berry are then fermented for anywhere between one to two days.

Soaking the seeds in water softens the mucilage layer that is on top of every seed. When this layer softens, it can then be removed easily. Now, the coffee beans can be sent to processing where they can be ground and hence extracting the coffee powder. This powder is sold to various sellers for commercial use. The sold powder can be added and filtered to hot water and be drunk.

Benefits Of Green Coffee

Unlike other coffee beans, green coffee beans are not roasted, and due to this, the beans have a good amount of chlorogenic acid in them. Chlorogenic acid has proven to be one of the major factors that are helpful in weight loss. Chlorogenic acid helps to break down starch and prevents the accumulation of any fat in the body.

Due to this green coffee beans' ability, they are being used and recommended by many people for weight loss, and green coffee beans do a really good job of preventing weight gain. Obesity is also a reason for many heart diseases. Stress is the main factor that pushes many heart diseases into action.

Green coffee may lower the risk of stress-induced heart diseases due to the chlorogenic acid present in them. The chlorogenic acid reduces the stress hormone that is present in them. Many studies have proven the positive effects of green coffee.

When a person has Alzheimer's disease, there's a formation of amyloid plaque in the brain. Taking green coffee reduces the formation and hence improves the overall efficiency of their brain's memory functions.

Diabetes is also a huge problem for many people around the world. Controlling the blood sugar levels of a person who has diabetes can be difficult, but inducing green coffee in their diet can make this task easy. The Chlorogenic acid present in green coffee slows the process of breaking down carbohydrates to sugar. As the process is slowed down, the blood sugar levels can be kept in control.

The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee is useful to solve many of the problems that we humans face in our bodies. Unlike other coffee, green coffee beans are not roasted, and hence the levels of chlorogenic acid are more compared to other coffee. Chlorogenic acid can be used to control high blood pressure.

Chlorogenic acid prevents the growth of the stress hormones present in our body called cortisol. As there will be no formation of this stress hormone, the blood pressure and cholesterol will be in control.

Treating Health-related problems with Green coffee

Green coffee has many health benefits, and even though people do not have any health-related issues, they drink green coffee on a daily basis to maintain good health. Green coffee has high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is the main factor that constitutes in solving problems like obesity and high blood pressure levels.

  • Obesity

                 Scientific View

               Ayurvedic View

Studies have proven that green coffee has helped prevent the accumulation of any fat in the human body, hence preventing weight gain. This works when green coffee is taken on a regular basis.

Green coffee has chlorogenic acid, which helps break down the accumulated fat in the human body. Green coffee beans are not roasted, hence the high content of chlorogenic acid.

  • High Blood Pressure

                   Scientific View

                   Ayurvedic View

High blood pressure is due to the increase in stress hormones in our bodies. Drinking green coffee on a regular basis as directed can help control high blood pressure.

The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee helps break any formation of a stress-induced hormone called cortisol. Green coffee is useful when it comes to controlling your blood pressure.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

                   Scientific View

                   Ayurvedic View

Alzheimer's is a very deadly disease that can cause regular brain functions to crash. There's almost a blockage in the brain, and drinking green coffee can solve that problem. Many studies have shown the positives of green coffee when added to any patient's diet with Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's happens due to amyloid clusters in your brain and can grow and worsen. The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee helps break down the formed cluster, hence improving the state of the person's brain.

  • Heart Disease

                   Scientific View

                   Ayurvedic View

Studies show that taking green coffee on a regular basis prevents oxidative damage to the heart. The chlorogenic acid has many antioxidant properties that don’t allow oxidative damages to the heart.

Many stress-induced heart diseases can be avoided by incorporating green coffee into your diet. Green coffee helps reduce the level of stress hormone present hence preventing any damage to the heart.

  • Diabetes

                   Scientific View

                   Ayurvedic View

The blood sugar levels can be decreased by using green coffee; many studies have proven this point.

Green coffee slows down the process of breaking down carbohydrates into sugar hence controlling the sugar levels in a person.

The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee is the most important element that solves most obesity and high blood pressure problems. Incorporating green coffee in your diet helps you maintain your health.

Where To Buy Green Coffee?

Many famous coffee brands like Nescafe make green coffee. The coffee that these brands produce is top-notch and has the best flavor, and work the best. The brands supply their products to many local shops weekly. If you want to buy green coffee, you can buy it from the stores near you.

But if you are used to shopping online, then you can order the coffee directly online. Many online stores deliver coffee and other products. You can order green coffee online if you are most comfortable with it.

How To Use Green Coffee?

There are basically three ways to have your green coffee, and no matter which method you choose, you will feel energetic after ingesting it. The following are the ways to have green coffee:

  • Green coffee capsules - This for someone who feels comfortable with capsules. Take around 2 capsules and swallow it with the help of water. It would be best if you did this once a day and before eating. On the capsule, bottle instructions will be given, and you must go according to them.
  • Green coffee powder - Now, you can buy green coffee powder directly from any shop online or offline, or you can make your powder on your own at home. Either way, take a cup and add hot water to it. Make sure the water is properly boiled. Add the green coffee powder to the hot water and let it rest for a few minutes.

During this time, the powder gets thoroughly mixed with the water. After leaving it for rest for an appropriate time, strain or filter the mixture and make sure no powder particle is in the water. Now, drink green coffee. If you want, you can add honey, but if you have diabetes, then it is not recommended to add honey to it.

  • Coffee beans - If you have green coffee beans at your home, then you can make your own coffee by following a few steps. Take the green coffee beans and grind them till they turn into a powder. Now take the powder and mix it with some hot water. Mix it properly and let it rest for some time. Filter the coffee and drink it.

It doesn't matter in which form you have green coffee; as long as you have it, it can solve many of your health-related problems.


The following are the precautions that must be taken before having green coffee:

  • Breastfeeding - It is advisable not to drink green coffee during breastfeeding as there is not enough evidence to prove the effects of green coffee.
  • Insomnia - Drinking excessive amounts of green coffee can cause insomnia, which can be fatal to your sleep cycle and your organs.
  • Pregnancy - It is advisable not to drink green coffee during pregnancy as it may lead to lower birth weight of the baby and other complications during and after pregnancy.


How Does Green Coffee Help Control Weight?

Obesity is nothing but the accumulation of excessive fat in different parts of the body. In a perfect scenario, the fat present in the body usually gets broken down and pulled out of the human body in the form of waste, but in the case of obesity, the fat sticks around the body and doesn't get excreted.

The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee helps breakdown the fat that has been accumulated in the body and eventually pushes the fat out in the form of waste. Hence green coffee helps control weight.

Even if you are not suffering from obesity, you can drink green coffee on a regular basis to maintain a fit, healthy body.

Does Green Coffee Help In The Process Of Digestion?

Yes, green coffee has laxative properties in it that help smooth bowel movement and, in turn, accelerating the whole process of digestion. But keep in mind that taking too much green coffee can be dangerous too. If you take too much green coffee, then it may result in other problems that may trouble you. So, take green coffee only in the directed/instructed amount.

Is Green Coffee Different From Normal Coffee?

Usually, the beans of normal coffee are roasted to give it good flavor and taste, and during this process, the chlorogenic acid present in the beans gets washed out. During processing green coffee, the beans are not roasted, and due to this, the chlorogenic acid levels in the green coffee are high. This chlorogenic acid is useful in controlling high blood pressure and preventing weight gain.

Does Green Coffee slow down the aging process?

There are many antioxidant properties present in green coffee, and these help slow down the aging process. Although it doesn't help drastically, it does have some positive effect on the aging process.

Why Is Green Coffee So Popular?

Green coffee beans have been in use for a long time, and in the modern age, people have turned the beans into coffee. Green coffee has gained so much popularity in the decades due to the number of health benefits it provides.

Green coffee is a much economical alternative to many solutions. Green coffee helps control a person; it helps reduce the blood sugar levels of a person and helps in Alzheimer's disease. As you can see, green coffee has many health benefits.

Does Green Coffee Contain Caffeine?

Yes, Green coffee does contain caffeine, but when compared to other coffee's, green coffee contains fewer amounts of caffeine, so do not expect to feel the kick that you feel when you normally drink other coffee.

Is Green Coffee Really Green?

Yes, Green coffee is green; this is due to the immaturity of the coffee beans.

Can I Buy Green Coffe Beans?

You can buy green coffee beans, but you have to have the right equipment at your home to grind the beans to powder. Unless you grind the beans in powder, you cannot consume them. If you consume the seeds directly, then it may be fatal to your health.

Is Green Coffee 100% Natural?

Green coffee beans get processed without any addition of other elements. The color of the beans is proof that green coffee is 100% natural. The food regulation doesn’t allow any enhancements to the green coffee beans. The best proof is the level of chlorogenic acid in the coffee.

In a normal bottle of green coffee, the amount of chlorogenic acid is pretty high, and the levels of caffeine are low. If this is not the case, then the product that you have bought maybe a knock-off of the original.

If the chlorogenic level in the green coffee is not high or the desired amount, then there will be no use in taking green coffee to solve your health-related problems. Always make sure that you buy the green coffee from a certified brand as they make sure the quality is top-notch.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.