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Avipattikara Churna: Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


By NS Desk 08-Dec-2020

Avipattikara Churna

Avipattikara churna is a traditional herbal remedy that has been effectively used in Ayurveda. Churna means a powdered form of medicine that is mostly made with the amalgamation of different herbs. It finds its use in curing digestive problems. As per Ayurveda, digestive issues are a result of pitta dosha. Pitta is a culmination of the water and fire element in the body, with the latter being of more prominence. The pitta is associated with metabolism, temperature regulation, and the balance in hormonal activities. Hence hunger and intelligence are naturally linked with the activities of the pitta. A major use of avipattikar churna is found in treating digestive problems, increasing hunger, providing a cooling effect on the body, and much more.

How did the word ‘Avipattikara Churna’ originate?

Avipattikara churna comes from the Sanskrit word 'avipatti.' This terminology means to get rid of troubles. Thus it is used to get rid of all gastric troubles we encounter in our daily lives.

Historical uses of Avipattikara churna

From India's ancient times, this mixture of essential herbs is used to treat acidity, constipation, indigestion, loss of appetite, urinary problems, kidney failure, and nephritis.

This ayurvedic treatment is made by mixing amla, behada, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, haritaki, Indian bay leaf, long pepper, nutgrass, turpeth, and vidanga in the right proportion.

The daily dose of avipattikara churana is bound to keep your digestive, excretory, and urinary system work in tandem without any problems. It neutralizes all the gastric juices secreted in the stomach and keeps the body cool.

Benefits of using Avipattikara churana in Ayurvedic treatment

Food is the primary requirement for life. The importance of the balanced intake and excretion of food sets the tone for a healthy body. The problem with digestion and related issues that add up along with it has been prevalent since the inception of Ayurveda.

Thus to shield the human body against these gastric troubles. Ayurveda came up with the notion of a powdered form of medicinal herbs that is light, soluble with healthy liquid components, can be taken every day to cleanse the system.

Avipattikar churana has been massively used to treat the imbalances in the pitta dosha. If precaution is not taken against these pitta doshas, bigger health problems like kidney failure, nephritis, and so on arise. This churana is a great aid to combat these bigger troubles arising out of pitta dosha.

Treating diseases/health problems using Ashwagandha

We will be looking at the use of Avipattiraka churana in treating different diseases from both a scientific and ayurvedic view.

  • Indigestion



In scientific terms, indigestion is a result of incomplete digestion of food. The intake of avipattikara churna is highly effective that helps overcome digestive problems.


Indigestion, in terms of Ayurveda, is referred to as Agnimandya. As mentioned earlier, this arises due to the imbalance of the pitta dosha. Mand Agni is known as the low digestive fire; this arises if the consumed food does not digest as it normally should. This results in Ama, another ayurvedic term that indicates the toxic remains in the body.

The avipattikara churna is known for its appetizing and digestive properties that help manage digestive issues.

  • Constipation



Constipation is a coinage that we come to terms with from an early age, whether through personal experiences or someone close to you. It is a frustrating experience a human has to face because they cannot clear their bowels completely.

Consuming junk food, irregularity in sleeping habits, higher intake of beverages, stress are the major factors that contribute to constipation.


Vata dosha is the reason attributed to Ayurveda as the cause of constipation. The Vata dosha increase in the large intestine and causes pain in the large intestines. The rooksha or the dry property of the Vata dosha makes the intestines dry and dries the stool.

Avipattikara Churna has Rechana(laxative) and Vata balancing properties that help overcome constipation.

  • Acidity



Acidity leads to a burning sensation in the chest that arises due to the stomach's excess of acidic components. This takes place when the food intake is not able to complete the digestion process.

The avipattikara churna cools the body and relieves people from the acidity, which may lead to hyperacidity if not taken care of.

As per Ayurveda, the formation of ama is the reason behind acidity. Ama is formed due to an imbalance in the digestive fire caused by pitta dosha. The accumulated is the cause of the unexplainable burning sensation or heartburn.

The Rechan (laxative) and Pitta balancing properties can control the production of acidic components in the digestive system.

  • Obesity



Obesity is the accumulation of fat due to the imbalance and improper functioning of the digestive system.

The intake of avipattikara churna is a great supplement for reducing excess fat. As it eases the digestive system, and the fats get secreted with the bowel movement.

Once again, the accumulation of ama is the prescribed reason for obesity as per Ayurveda.

The deepan (appetizing) and Pachan(digestive) properties of the churna help reduce fat accumulation.


  • Piles



Piles are quite a common problem nowadays. It results from chronic constipation and has painful circumstances if left untreated.

The use of Avipattikara churna relieves such pain and keeps the digestion in control so that it does not arise again.

Pile is a painful problem and has a degrading impact on all the three doshas, majorly the Vata dosha.

The consumption of Avipattikara Churna helps reduce the pain arising from piles. Its pain-relieving, Vata, and Pitta dosha balancing properties give the desired relief.

  • Loss of Appetite



Loss of appetite is a problem that arises majorly due to indigestion and insufficient secretion of the much needed gastric juices in the body. But it has a drastic impact on all parts of the body.

The low digestive fire caused due to ama results in Aruchi, or loss of appetite in Ayurveda. This results in the imbalance of all three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Hence this is an indication of how severe this could be.

The Avipattikara Churna has Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestion) properties. This helps in balancing all the three doshas, stimulating daily digestion, and increasing appetite.

  • Bowel Issues



Irritable bowel syndrome has added after-effects like diarrhea, stress, and anxiety. This results in the mucus being in motion at most times. The person may be left to frequent motion, where the stool is not consistent.

This bowel syndrome is termed Grahani. The imbalance of the digestive fire is the immediate reason behind it. Once again, ama is formed due to this imbalance.

Avipattikara Churna is highly recommended and extensively used in the treatment of IBS. The Deepan (appetizer), Pachan (digestion), and Rechana (laxative) properties help control this painful experience.

Forms of Avipattikara churna in Ayurveda with Recommended Dosage

In Ayurvedic treatment, Avipattikara churna is used in the powdered form or as capsules. These forms can be taken with lukewarm water, cold water, honey, or coconut water, or buttermilk for best results.

Let us have a look at the correct dosage recommendations of these forms:

Powder form:

  1. Take 2-3 grams of the avipattikara churna
  2. As per the digestive issues, mix it with lukewarm water, cold water, honey, or coconut water, or buttermilk.
  3. Repeat daily, or use once at bedtime as recommended by the doctor.


  1. Take a capsule of 1-2 grams.
  2. Swallow with lukewarm/cold water depending on what the treatment is for.
  3. Repeat daily, or use once at bedtime as recommended by the doctor.

Types of Ayurvedic Care with Ashwagandha

Powder: this is the most common form of usage. But this can be mixed with different soluble solutions for the desired result.

  • Coconut water: this has an additional cooling effect.
  • Buttermilk: enriches the positives of the churna
  • Tea: due to the spicy flavor, it could be mixed with tea to ease heartburn

Side-effects of Avapattikara churna

This herbal supplement is great at treating the desired problems, and so far, there has been no scientific evidence of any side effects associated with it.


Does it cure Cancer?

No, it does not cure cancer.

Is it safe to take this before surgery?

Yes, because it mostly resolves digestive issues. There is no problem if this is taken before surgery.

Can Avipattikara churna help with weight loss?

Scientific view

Ayurvedic view

The churna helps in digestion and hence removes excess fat. Thus it helps in weight loss.

The appetizing and digestive properties help in reducing the accumulation of excess fat in the body, hence helping with weight loss.

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.