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Alsi : Health Benefits, Uses, Dosage and Side Effects


By NS Desk 20-Nov-2020


Alsi, also known as flax seeds, are plant-based oil seeds that are beneficial for various ailments and health problems. Enriched with major macronutrients and micronutrients like fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals, Alsi or flax seeds are consumed after proper roasting. People consume it either with water or with salads to cure many ailments.

Alsi holds many ayurvedic and nutritional properties, as well. Alsi is very beneficial for digestive health and reduces toxins or Ama in the body. It is also used to reduce the digestive fire and increase the bowel movement, which manages the constipation problems. The laxative property of Alsi eases the removal of excreta and stool from the body. Roasted Alsi, if consumed in the morning with breakfast, also helps in managing the weight and aids in weight loss.

Antioxidants and antibacterial properties of Alsi are also used for enhancing the health of hair. It promotes the growth of hair follicles and reduces dandruff from the scalp. Flaxseeds or Alsi is used meticulously in the cosmetic industry as it is very useful for skin health. Oil extracted from Alsi is applied to the skin and reduces the allergies, inflammation, and fastens the wound healing process. These benefits are given to human health due to the antioxidant properties of the skin.

However, Alsi is difficult to digest as it is filled with Guru Nature as per Ayurveda; hence it is recommended not to consume it alone. Always ingest Alsi seeds with water.

What are the other names of Alsi?

Different names know alsi or flaxseeds in different regions. Scientifically, it is known as Linumusitatissimum. The other names associated with Alsi or flax seeds are Alasi, Teesi, Linseed, Marshina, Javasu, Alasi, Atasi, Bittu, Neempushpi, Kshuma.

Benefits of Alsi for health and body

Alsi is very beneficial for health. Here are some wonderful benefits of Alsi or flaxseeds: -

  • Alsi helps in reducing hypertension or high blood pressure problems.

As per scientific studies, Alsicontainsfiber, lignans, alpha linoleic acid, and arginine, which reduces the issue of high blood pressure. Hence people suffering from hypertension can consume Alsi for lowering the blood pressure and curing hypertension problems. 

  • Beneficial for Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Alsi is considered good for maintaining the enlarged prostate gland in the benign prostatic hyperplasia disease.

  • Helps in curing breast cancer

Alsi is considered useful in hindering the growth of breast cancer cells and prevents its proliferation. Hence, it is considered good for decreasing breast cancer risk for women. 

  • Cure for colon or rectum cancer

Traces of omega 3 fatty acids and lignin are present in Alsi. Due to its presence, the cancer cells are destroyed, and other cells are prevented from damage. Scientists consider Alsi seeds beneficial in the case of colon or rectum cancer. 

  • Beneficial in case of Lung cancer

Though there is not much evidence proving the benefits of Alsi in lung cancer, science still considers it useful for patients who have lung cancer. 

  • Cures Menopause problems

Menopause calls for many health problems and symptoms. Alsi might be beneficial for curing the menopausal symptoms as per modern science.

  • Helpful in prostate glands cancer

Alsi contains lignans, and hence it is considered helpful for managing the prostate glands cancer. It prevents the growth of cancer cells in prostate glands and helps in reducing its proliferation.

  • Beneficial in Endometrial cancer cure

There is no scientific evidence that proves that Alsi cures cancer; however, it reduces the symptoms and chances of endometrial cancer in the body. 

  • Helps in the ailment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Alsi contains some good fatty acids which manage the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Though there is no proper scientific evidence, Alsi might be considered useful in the ailment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder due to its chemical composition.

Treating diseases/health problems using Alsi

We will be dealing with the uses of Alsi in treatments methods of different diseases from scientific and Ayurvedic point of view:

  • Constipation



Alsi holds laxative properties and hence is considered beneficial for curing constipation problems. Consumption of Alsi enhances the bowel movement and intestinal relaxation and contraction. A lot of excreta and stool are removed from the intestines due to this, combating the problem of constipation in return. 

Any fluctuation in VataDosha is the cause of constipation in a person. VataDosha is increased in anyone due to improper food /sleep habits and excessive consumption of caffeine. Alsi oilpossessesVata balancing properties and laxative or Rechana properties removing the dryness of the intestine. In turn, the stool becomes heavy, resulting in easy excretion.

Tips: -

  • 1-2 teaspoons of Alsi seeds can be swallowed with water in the powder form or raw form to manage constipation twice a day. 
  • Alsi oil, mixed with warm water or milk, is consumed too. 

Type I and Type II diabetes mellitus



As per modern science, Alsi reduces the blood sugar level and enhances insulin production. Due to this, it manages diabetes well in heavy or obese individuals. 

VataDosha is responsible for diabetes in humans. The improper digestion system and increased level of toxins or Ama cause the improper secretion of insulin. Moreover, the pancreatic cells are also affected due to enhanced VataDosha. Deepan or appetizing and Pachan or digestive properties of Alsi or flaxseeds, help reduce the toxin level. The insulin secretion normalizes, and the digestion system is also improved with the consumption of Alsi. Apart from this, Alsi also has a bitter taste, which maintains the blood sugar level, helping in the ailment of diabetes. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Rich in dietary fiber, Alsi binds the water with insoluble fiber in the body. The intestinal movement is increased, and Alsi makes the excreta bulky. Hence, the consumption of Alsi is considered useful in curing irritable bowel syndrome as per scientific studies.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Grahani, as per Ayurveda, is caused due to aggravated Pachak Agni or digestive fire. Deepan or appetizing and Pachan or digestive properties possessed by Alsi help control the irritable bowel syndrome as it reduces the digestive fire and enhances the bowel movement. 


  • Eat 1-2 teaspoons of roasted or whole Alsi seeds with water to provide an ailment to digestive problems, including irritable bowel syndrome.  

Increased cholesterol



As per modern science, Alsi is good for cutting down the cholesterol in the blood, especially low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol. Alsi possesses this property due to compounds like alpha-linoleic acid and non-protein substances; hence it is considered beneficial for reducing cholesterol.

Fluctuations in digestive fire or Pachak Agni are held responsible for high cholesterol as per Ayurvedic studies. Impairment of digestive fire increases the toxins in the blood vessels, which results in increased cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol accumulation blocks the vessels leading to heart disease. Improving digestive fire and decreasing the toxins or Ama in the body with the help of the Deepan and Pachan properties of Alsi eliminates the cholesterol from blood vessels and reduces its accumulation. 

Cardiovascular diseases



Modern Science suggests that Alsi contains omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and lignan, which are considered beneficial for managing heart or cardiovascular diseases. Consumption of Alsi reduces cholesterol in the blood, especially low-density lipoprotein. In all, Alsicleans up the vessels and arteries, hence prevents heart attacks.

The reduction of cardiovascular diseases is directly connected to a reduced cholesterol level. Imbalance of Pachak Agni or digestive fire reduces the cholesterol level in the vessels. Alsi helps in cleaning up the blood vessels and prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol. Reduced Ama and improved digestive fire because of the Deepan and Pachan properties of Alsiprevent any cardiovascular diseases and eliminate the blood toxins.


  • ¼ teaspoon of Alsi should be roasted and ground to make the powder.
  • Mix yogurt, honey, and banana in the Alsi powder and consume in the breakfast regime for combating any cardiovascular diseases.




Scientific evidence claims that Alsi is rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Alsi reduces the weight problems and obesity as it accumulates more water and digestive juices in the stomach leading to longer fullness. Moreover, nutrient absorption is also decreased with the consumption of Alsi, hence reducing the accumulation of fats in the body.

MedaDhatu fluctuations and an increased amount of Ama or toxins are responsible for obesity or weight issues. This is caused due to unhealthy dietary regime and bad lifestyle. Alsi manages the digestive fire and decreases the number of toxins or Ama in the body for its Ushna or hot potency. This, in turn, reduces weight and manages obesity. 


  • Roast ½ cup of Alsi seeds and swallow them as it is or in the form of tea, milkshake, or smoothie to manage the weight problems and obesity. 

Skin Infections



There are not proper pieces of evidence that prove the benefits of Alsi in skin problems. However, it possesses anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties, which are good for skin health. 

Skin problems like allergy, wounds, inflammation, or any other disease is managed with the help of Alsi.Alsi holds Ropan or healing properties as per Ayurvedic studies and hence is considered useful in treating all the skin infections.


  • Use Alsi oil directly on the affected area for maintaining skin health.
  • Alsi powder mixed with rose water, honey, milk, or banana can be applied on the face, neck, or affected area to eliminate any skin problem. 

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome



Pain and numbness in the hand due to blood clotting and reduced blood flow is characterized as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Alsi seed oil is applied externally on the affected area for curing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome as alpha-linolenic acid, lignans, and phenolic compounds relieve the pain and inflammation. Moreover, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties of Alsi also act as a cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Imbalanced VataDosha is responsible for pain, inflammation, and numbness in the hands or arms. Alsi oil contains Vata balancing and Ushna or hot properties, which help in curing Carpal Tunnel syndrome. 


  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Alsi seed powder in a glass of warm water. Drink this daily twice after meals to cure the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Apply Alsi Oil on the affected area and massage properly to reduce the symptoms like pain, inflammation, and numbness.

Forms of Alsi in Ayurveda with Recommended Dosage

Alsi in the Ayurvedic treatment is used in the form of oil, seeds, powder, or capsule form. Each of these forms of Alsi can be used to create different types of dishes and be consumed in various forms, either with milk, water, or tea. If you have not consulted with your doctor regarding the dosage amount for each form of Alsi, you can then follow these dosage recommendations:

  • Alsi Powder: - Take ½ or 1 teaspoon of Alsi powder with water twice daily to treat various health problems. For external application, Alsi powder should be used in the quantity of ½ - 1 teaspoon with rose water.
  • Alsi oil: - Alsi oil should be consumed either with warm water or milk. Take 1 or 2 teaspoons of Alsi oil only once a day. Alsi oil can be applied as per the requirement on the skin or wounds.
  • Alsi Capsules: - Ingest 1-2 capsules either once a day or twice a day to cure different diseases ad health problems.

In case you have consulted with a doctor, it is advised to stick to their recommended prescriptions.

Types of Ayurvedic Care with Alsi

  • Alsi Powder

Alsi or flax seeds are also available in powder form made by grinding the roasted alsi seeds, which helps treat constipation, skin problems, etc.


As prescribed by your doctor, you can mix the Alsi powder in milk or water for consumption. You can use the Alsipowder to make Alsi milkshake or laddoo.

  • Alsi Milkshake

Alsi, taken in the form of a milkshake, can be consumed for improving the health and bowel movement. It can also be used by people who are devoid of any health benefits. This way, you will not only get closer to a healthy lifestyle without compromising on the taste.


-Roast some Alsi seeds till it becomes brown

-Grind the Alsi seeds in a mixer to make the powder.

 -Mix this mixture with warm milk to get a perfect consistency.

-Add sugar or any other substance like dates to provide better taste and mouthfeel.

  • AlsiLadoo

Alsi taken as a sweet will not only be an interesting alternative to raw form or oil but will also help as effectively as any other form.


-Take Alsi powder or whole Alsi seeds and mix them in roasted atta.

-You can add salt, black pepper, or any other additive for an enhanced taste.

-Knead the mixture well to form a soft dough-like consistency.

-In a circular motion, give a 'ladoo' shape to the small dough balls.

-Store up to 10-12 days or consume them at once.

  • Alsi or flaxseeds oil capsule

Alsi or flaxseeds capsules are used as alternative Alsi oil. It is recommended to swallow 1-2 Alsi oil capsules with warm water for various health problems and diseases. 

  • Alsi or Flaxseeds oil

Alsi oil is ingested or consumed with hot milk or warm water. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Alsi oil with water or milk and drink it every night for better digestion.

  • Whole Alsi seeds

Alsi seeds are consumed either in the roasted form or soaked form for different purposes. For cough and cold treatment, Alsi seeds are consumed with water.


- Take 1-2 teaspoons of Alsi seeds and soak them in a glass of water overnight.

- For enhancing the taste, add ½ lemon juice in the water the next morning.

- Drink the Alsi water empty stomach to cure the core throat, cold, cough, or flu. 

For digestive ailments, Alsi seeds are eaten in the raw form or roasted form. Chew 1-2 teaspoon of Alsi seeds after a meal twice in a day to enhance the digestive health.

  • Alsi Tea

Alsi is also consumed in the form of tea or kwath. It is one of the most used forms of Alsi as it is easier to consume and offers many health benefits. 

Tips: -

  • Boil a cup of freshwater in a pan
  • Add tea leaves to the boiling water.
  • 1 cup of milk can also be added for better taste and texture.
  • Boil the mixture for few minutes.
  • Add a teaspoon full of Alsi powder.
  • Strain the tea and consume it as a medicine.

For external Application

Alsi is applied externally, either in the form of oil or powder, to cure many skin problems and enhance skin health. 

  • Alsi powder

Alsi powder is applied in the form of a paste with honey or rose water. Application of an Alsi face pack or skin pack helps in reducing the blemishes and makes skin healthier.


  • Mix ½ or 1 teaspoon of Alsi seed powder with rose water
  • Apply the paste on the affected area, face or neck
  • Leave the pack for 5-7 minutes
  • After it is properly dried, wash the pack with fresh water
  • Dry the face and use a moisturizer
  • Alsi oil

Alsi oil can be massaged on the face and neck properly to moisturize the skin and give it a healthier look.

Side effects of Alsi

While Alsi is magically infused with healing properties, it is also found to have certain side effects if over consumed, especially in people suffering from abdominal issues, pregnant ladies, diabetic patients, and breastfeeding women. Both science and Ayurvedic experts recommend takingAlsiat an inappropriate amount or the recommended dosage because it can create certain gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, if over consumed. Moreover, the Alsi or flax seeds are difficult to digest due to their Guru properties. 

Precautionary guide while using Alsi

  • For Diabetic Patients
  • View of Science Experts

According to scientific experts, Alsi is responsible for lowering the blood sugar level subsequently. Hence, it is highly advisable to keep an update on the blood sugar level if you are using Alsi, that too, with an anti-diabetic drug.

  • View of Ayurvedic experts

Alsi possesses Tikta or bitter properties as per Ayurvedic studies. Hence, Alsi is responsible for the reduced blood sugar level in the body. Hence, do keep a check on the blood sugar level if you are consuming Alsi with any other anti-diabetic drug.

  • For Pregnant Ladies
  • View of Ayurvedic Experts

Pregnancy calls for extra care and precautions. Alsi is high in Ushna or hot potency. Hence, it is advisable to consult the doctor before consuming Alsi during pregnancy.

  • View of Scientific Experts

According to scientific experts, the consumption of Alsi is not advisable for pregnant women. In the case or an urgent situation, it is strongly advisable to consult the doctor before consuming Alsi.

  • For Ladies, while Breastfeeding
  • View of Science Experts

According to scientific experts, the consumption of Alsi is not advisable for breastfeeding women. It is strongly advisable to consult the doctor before consuming Alsi if it is urgently required for breastfeeding women.

  • For people suffering from heart disease
  • View of Science Experts

Alsi is known for lowering the blood pressure level. It is recommended for heart patients to keep a strict check on the blood pressure if consuming Alsi with any other cardiovascular medicine.

  • View of Ayurvedic experts

Vata balancing properties of Alsi reduces the blood pressure. Ayurvedic experts suggest keeping an update on the blood pressure of a heart patient if they are taking any anti-hypertensive drug with Alsi. 

  • People with hypersensitive skin
  • View of Ayurvedic experts

Alsi should be applied on the skin, either with milk, rose water, or honey by the people who are prone to allergies and have hypersensitive skin as it can cause allergy if applied alone due to its Ushna or hot potency.

  • Other precautions
  • Modern Science suggests that Alsi minimizes the clotting of the blood. Take proper advice or consultation from a doctor if you are using Alsi with any other anticoagulant drug in nature. 
  • Alsi has Guru or heavy nature, according to Ayurvedic studies. Hence Alsi can hinder the intestinal movement and form bulk in the digestive route. Drink a lot of water while consuming Alsi for preventing the ill effects due to heavy nature.
  • Whole Alsi seeds are very difficult to digest; hence roast and grind them in a powder form before adding any food or dish. 

FAQ's about Alsi

What are the elements present in Alsi?

  • Alsi is very rich in nutritional and chemical components. It contains traces of sugar, linoleic acid, oleic acid, Kempherol, Sitosterol, Phenylpropanoid glycoside, fructose, and linamarin. All these chemical components of Alsigiveanti-diabetic, healing, anti-hypertensive, and other pharmacological properties to the medicine.

What are the different brands and forms of Alsi available in the market?

  • Alsi seeds, oil, and capsules are available in the market. Brands like total activation, Sri Sritattva, Organic India,  Keva, NutroActive, 24Mantra, Rich Millet, and Nature's Way sells Alsi at different forms and prices. 

Can Alsi be considered beneficial for human health?

  • Alsi is very beneficial in curing many ailments. It is very healthy for the human body. It contains fiber, lignans, and omega 3 fatty acids, which manages the blood cholesterol and blood sugar level. It also possessesantioxidant and anti-cancer properties. 

Can Alsi be used as a blood thinner?

  • Alsi contains omega 3 fatty acids. The presence of these fatty acids makes Alsi a natural blood thinner.

Is Alsi used for balancing hormones?

  • As per modern science, there is no scientific evidence that proves the role of Alsi in hormonal balance. However, hormonal metabolism is managed with the intake of Alsi. Alsi also enhanced the prolactin level in the blood, thus reducing the estradiol level. It is also beneficial for curing menopausal symptoms caused due to hormonal imbalance. 

Can Alsi protect the skin against radiation? 

  • Alsi holds some photoprotective properties. Hence, it is considered as a shield against UV radiations. In addition to this, Alsi also contains some antioxidants that protect the skin against the destruction of cells and destroy free radical and mediated cell problems. 

Can Alsi be considered good for hair health?

  • Alsi has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties, which might be used to improve hair follicles' health and reduce dandruff. Though science does not justify this with any evidence, however, it is still used by many cosmetic industries as a cure for hair problems.

What are the antioxidants compounds in Alsi?

  • Alsi contains ample antioxidant constituents, which gives alsi seeds its anti-oxidant properties. Compounds like lignans, phenolic acids, and tocopherols help in giving Alsi its antioxidant status. All these compounds, if combined together, prevent cell damage due to free radicals.

How Alsi is beneficial for arteries

  • View of Scientific Experts

Alsi contains lignans, which are useful in reducing LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood. In addition to this, it also reduces the level of triglycerides and improves the amount of HDL or good cholesterol. These properties of Alsi help in curing any artery ailment and reduce the chances of its blockage.

  • View of Ayurvedic experts

Alsi possesses Ushna or hot potency and Rechana or laxative properties. These properties of Alsi reduce the Ama or toxin content in the blood. Moreover, it also aids digestion and eases out the excretion of stool from the body. Hence, it is considered very useful for arteries. 

How is Alsi oil beneficial for health?

  • View of Scientific Experts

Alsi oil is full of omega 3 fatty acids, which are considered useful in lowering the LDL level in blood and increasing the amount of HDL or good cholesterol. Alsi oil is also used as an immunity booster. It provides energy to the body and reduces fatigue. Apart from this, Alsioil also contains antibacterial, antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties, which is used to enhance the strength of hair follicles and provide some natural glow to the skin. Alsi oil is also available in the market as capsules. Used in paints and coatings, Alsi oil is a wonder medicine too.

  • View of Ayurvedic experts

Alsi oil possessesVatabalancing properties, Ushna potency, and Grahi or absorbent properties. It helps in curing many diseases like constipation, hypertension, and cardiovascular problems, among many others. The astringent properties of Alsi oil are also beneficial for skin health. It also improves the hair strength and provides a natural glow to the skin.

How are roasted Alsi seeds beneficial for health?

  • View of Scientific Experts

Roasted Alsi is also known as flax weeds, and beneficially maintains health. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and lignin content, Roasted alsi is useful for diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, and other health problems. Roasted Alsi is also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron

  • View of Ayurvedic experts

Roasted Alsi is consumed for treating digestive fire, pain, cramps, inflammation, and other intestinal problems. 

Disclaimer - The aim of the article is just to convey information to you. Use any medicine, therapy, herb or fruit please do it under the guidance of a qualified Ayurveda doctor.