UP's 6th Covid death in Kanpur


By NS Desk 14-Apr-2020

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), April 14 (IANS) A coronavirus suspect patient with lonks to the Tablighi Jamaat and died in Hallett hospital in Kanpur on Monday, has been found to have tested positive. This is the sixth Corona death in Uttar Pradesh.

Chief Medical Superintendent Prof R.K. Maurya said on Tuesday that the report of the deceased was received on Tuesday morning in which he had tested Corona positive.

The deceased was a resident of Chunniganj area and had been undergoing treatment in another hospital in the area before he was admitted to the Hallett hospital on Friday.

Medical officials are now isolating the family and also tracking those who had interacted with the deceased, who reportedly had links with Jamaatis.

Earlier corona patients have died in Basti, Meerut, Varanasi, Agra and Bulandshahr.



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