TWorks helps develop aerosol boxes for treatment of corona patients


By NS Desk 12-Apr-2020

Hyderabad, April 12 (IANS) TWorks, Telangana government's hardware incubator and prototyping lab which is working on multiple projects in collaboration with innovators from across India, has helped in development of aerosol boxes, protective equipment to aid the frontline healthcare providers involved in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The public entity enabled Butterfly EduFields to make aerosol box, which covers the virus-infected patient and allows the physicians to perform endotracheal intubations through the cutout holes in the box helping doctors protect themselves from getting infected while performing their duties.

Two companies in Hyderabad have manufactured and supplied over 40 boxes to various hospitals while over 100 in the pipeline.

The design takes inspiration from Taiwanese anesthesiologist Dr. Lai Hsein-yung's design of a similar device.

TWorks CEO Sujai Karampuri said it was working with several innovators from across India to combat the COVID-19 crisis, especially to meet the need of protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers.

TWorks' focus on design, prototyping and product development places it in a unique position to help translate several COVID related ideas into tangible products. While in-house talent and equipment enable them to rapidly fabricate and test product ideas, their network of manufacturers and suppliers plays a significant role in meeting demand through mass manufacturing

"To help meet the demand for PPE and other products used to battle COVID-19, TWorks is collaborating with the community and third parties on multiple projects at multiple fronts. We are open towards working with many more individuals and organizations to combat this disease," he said.

He said that being a government entity enables TWorks to help entrepreneurs and industry take up such activities on a war-footing, facilitating collaboration even during the lockdown. TWorks has been getting multiple requests from across the country to use their 3D printers, laser cutter, and other resources.

Such efforts represent an inspiring model where a government entity can work along with citizen volunteers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers to address public health emergencies, he added.



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