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TN medical expert group for extending lockdown by two weeks


By NS Desk 10-Apr-2020

Chennai, April 10 (IANS) The medical expert group set up by the Tamil Nadu government has recommended that the lockdown be extended in the state by two more weeks, said a group member on Friday.

The government is expected to take a decision on the matter on Saturday at the Cabinet meeting.

The recommendation has come in the wake of increasing number of persons testing positive for coronavirus in the state and the 21-day lockdown period coming to an end on April 14.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K.Palaniswami on Friday held a meeting with the expert committee and other state government officials on preventing the virus spread and the treatment given to the patients.

Speaking to the reporters after the meeting, a member of the medical expert group contended that the impact of Coronavirus is on the rise despite various measures by the government and hence the group has recommended to extend the lockdown period by two more weeks.

With no downward trend seen in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus and a possibility of the state moving into the community spread stage (third stage) looming large, Tamil Nadu is yet to chart out any lockdown exit strategy.

On Thursday, Chief Minister Palaniswami said the state is now in the second stage of coronavirus spread and there is a possibility of moving into the third stage -- community transmission -- and steps are being taken to prevent that from happening.

Pointing at the rising number of positive cases in the state, hesaid the decision to extend the lockdown will be taken after looking at various aspects.

A 19-medical team has been constituted for the purpose. The group's advice, along with that of the 12 official groups set up earlier, will be taken into account by the government while deciding whether to extend the lockdown.

Officials also said the exit strategy is yet to be charted out as the number of people testing positive for coronavirus is on the rise and the curve has not gone flat yet.

They also pointed out that several Chief Ministers have asked the Central government to extend the lockdown period.



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