Telangana extends lockdown till April end, govt advises caution


By NS Desk 13-Apr-2020

Hyderabad, April 13 (IANS) Telangana has extended lockdown till April 30 to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar issued a Government Order (GO) extending the lockdown, which came into effect from March 22. Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao has urged the people to be more cautious and official machinery to be more vigilant in view of increase in spread of the coronavirus in the state and in the country.

On Sunday, Telangana reported two more deaths, taking the death toll to 16. As many as 28 new cases were identified, pushing the state's tally to 531.

"If we observe developments world wise, country wise and Telangana state-wise, it is clear the coronavirus is spreading and not stopping. On Sunday, Coronavirus positive cases have increased considerably," the chief minister said in a statement.

KCR, as the chief minister is popularly known, noted that the situation in neighbouring Maharashtra is scary. There is an increase in positive cases all over the country and the death toll also increased.

The chief minister said it was for this reason that the government decided to extend the lockdown period. He urged people to understand the gravity of the situation and confine themselves to their homes as much as possible.

"In case there is a need to go out, maintain social distancing strictly. Personal hygiene is a must. In case if anyone has any doubts go for the tests," he said.

Seeking people's cooperation, he said the measures taken by the government alone are not sufficient to check the spread. People should follow the instructions and guidelines given by the government.

KCR also asked official machinery to be on high alert. Conduct tests whenever there were symptoms. "Collect data with whom all the Coronavirus positive patients met and interacted and find out where they went. Conduct tests for them. Increase checks at the inter-state borders, step up restrictions."

Stating that identification of those who went for Markaz meeting in Delhi and conducting tests on them is going ahead, he said in case if someone failed to undergo the tests, they should come forward voluntarily and get the tests done. This is for their own, their family members' safety and wellbeing.



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