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Sonia thanks people for adhering to lockdown despite problems


By NS Desk 14-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) On the last day of the lockdown, Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi thanked people for adhering to the lockdown despite problems. She also said that the Congress party workers are ready to help those in distress.

Just ahead of Prime Minister's address to the nation, Sonia Gandhi in her video message released by the party said that she hopes everyone is adhering to the lockdown, staying inside their homes and observing social distancing while she also reprimanded people for the attacks on health workers and medics.

She said, "Stay at homes, wash your hands regularly and only go out from in exigencies while covering your mouth with mask, stole or cloth. This could be the best example of patriotism and cooperation against the fight with the virus."

I have no words to say thank you to the families and elders for the sacrifices they made despite all odds, she said.

She also thanked the frontline workers including doctors, government officials and sanitation workers who are working day and night to contain the virus spread despite being ill-equipped.

Reprimanding people for attacks on doctors, she said this is bad as our culture and civilization doesn't teaches us this. We should cooperate and support each other.

However, she praised the people for helping out those in need and said the party is also trying to help out the people in need.

She said anyone who is in need of anything can contact Congress control room.

On Monday, she has also written to Prime Minister demanding extension of free food till September even for non ration card holders.



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