Sealing limited to 2 Bengaluru civic wards: Official (2nd Lead)


By NS Desk 10-Apr-2020

Bengaluru, April 10 (IANS) Seal-down orders are limited only to two wards in the city to curb Covid cases, said a top civic body official on Friday, urging news channels to avoid speculation.

"Seal-down orders are only in ward 134 Bapuji Nagar and Ward 135 Padarayanapura due to fresh cases and to contain the spread of Covid. Urge television channels to report facts and not speculate," tweeted Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Commissioner B.H. Anil Kumar.

Earlier, Kumar announced sealing the two wards to contain Covid spread.

"BBMP will completely seal Bapuji Nagar Ward 134 and Padarayanapura Ward 135 to prevent the spread of Covid after five fresh cases were reported," he tweeted.

Following the sealing, Kumar said the civic body will supply all essentials to the residents of the two wards, including banning all vehicular movement.

Bengaluru city Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao has also clarified that the seal down is limited only to the two wards, housing nearly 40,000 people.

"No other part of the city is under seal-down, no other part of the city is under containment. Kindly clarify this amply to the citizens of Bengaluru," said Rao at a press conference to specially address this issue.

He said the police are carrying out peripheral patrolling of the two wards, shutting all entry and exit points, ensuring nobody leaves those wards or nobody enters those wards as part of enhanced care on the two localities.

"We are continuously monitoring those areas with CCTV as well as drones. All the service providers going inside the two wards will be provided with separate equipment," said Rao.

Interestingly, all the garbage collected from the sealed off wards will be treated as biomedical waste and will be scientifically disposed of.

According to Rao, the two wards are currently under augmented government care with officials working rigourously to restrict the virus spread.

He appealed to the city residents to continue their cooperation to successfully tackle Covid.



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