Over 37K migrant relief camps shelter 14.3 lakh people: MHA


By NS Desk 10-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) The Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday said that over 14.3 lakh people have been shifted to about 37,978 migrant relief camps across India amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Ministry said over one crore additional people are being provided food in various food camps in different states and Union Territories (UTs). As per the Ministry, it has been continuously monitoring the enforcement of lockdown measures across all states and UTs, asserting that the enforcement measures and the supply of essential goods and services is "satisfactory".

"As many as 37,978 migrant relief camps have been set up in states and UTs in which over 34,000 have been set up by the state governments and over 3,000 by the NGOs. Around 14.3 lakh migrant workers have been provided shelter in these camps," said a Joint Secretary in the Home Ministry in a press briefing.

Besides, 26,225 food camps have also been set up in various states and UTs out which 14,799 were set up by the government and 11,426 by the NGOs, said the officer, adding over one crore people are being provided food in these camps.

These facilities are being provided to the poor, destitute, migrant workers, those who only need food, and for those who have reached their destination, but have been quarantined due to standard health protocol, the official said.

Officials said the condition of migrant workers is "under control" and food and shelter facilities to 16.5 lakh workers are being provided by their employer and industries.

The Joint Secretary said the Home Minister on Thursday reviewed the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh border security with the officials of Border Security Force (BSF) and directed to increase the vigilance on border areas specifically in those areas where there is no fencing.

"The Home Minister also instructed to stop cross-border movements. He also suggested making villagers aware about COVID-19. He also directed to inform the district authorities to ensure that no one inadvertently crossed the border."



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