Notarisation in the time of coronavirus


By NS Desk 13-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) In the wake of coronavirus outbreak and stringent lockdown, one of the many business areas severely hindered is contractual relationship between parties.

Notarisation, which is used to authenticate all types of documents, including deeds, contracts, mortgages, testaments etc requires physical presence, but it is currently handicapped due to the incumbent shutdown and strict guidelines on social distancing.

They are gathering dust due to closing of notaries pursuant to the nationwide lockdown. Unlike other countries, India does not have an option of virtual notarisation.

Even though, New York in the United States has allowed documents to be notarised virtually using audio-video technology as a necessary step to keep business moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, India does not have such provisions.

Assuaging the fear, President of All India Notaries Association Dhiresh Shah told IANS, "No legal issue will arise if there is a delay. Recently, the Supreme Court in its order made it clear that for the delay, there will be no action."

R.K. Verma of Patiala House Court said that notary work cannot be done until the lockdown is lifted. "There are no other options in India. If anyone does it at this time, it will be held invalid."

The lockdown was imposed in the country to contain the spread of coronavirus and will be in effect till Tuesday.



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