Noida society grapples on after second day of sealing


By NS Desk 10-Apr-2020

<br>The people of the society have taken the decision of administration to seal their society seriously and are adhering to all the precautions suggested.

Following the sealing, no outsider is allowed to enter the society and there is presence of police round the clock at the main entrance.

The home delivery of ration has also been stopped and the residents are being asked to collect their items from the main gate of the society.

Speaking to IANS, Mirza Tariq Beig, a resident of the society said, "As our society has been locked down we are not allowed to go out."

"We are only allowed to come to the main gate to collect the items that have arrived from the e-platform delivery," he said, adding that even the people are not allowed to roam in the society.

Beig, who is in his late 60s further said that only problem that they are facing is that the ration which has been ordered a week ago is being delivered now.

"And most of the items are still not delivered as it showing out of stock with the supplier," he said.

When asked if they were getting milk and vegetables inside the society, he replied, "Yes, the administration has arranged a milk vendor and vegetable vendor inside the society."

He said, the police team remains inside the society when the vegetable and milk vendor arrives to maintain the social distancing.

Anil Kumar, who works as an Assistant Manager for the maintenance team in the society told IANS that to ensure social distancing, a team of volunteers have been formed from each tower of the society.

He said, even the society has arranged for the lodging of over 40 security guards, house keeping people and maintenance team people inside the society.

He said, he himself has not gone out of his home in last 10 days as the society was earlier sealed following few people testing positive for Covid-19.

Kumar further said that the residents have provided the guards and other staffs of the society gas cylinders, utensils, bedding, vacant flats and ration for staying.

Kumar also said that the district administration officials are also carrying out sanitation in the society on regular interval.

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to seal the hotspots in 15 districts on Wednesday to cut the transmission of Covid-19.

In Gautam Buddha Nagar, till Friday a total of 64 positive Covid-19 had been detected out of which 12 have been cured.


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