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Missing guard under scanner after senior citizen succumbs to Covid-19 in Def Col


By NS Desk 16-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 16 (IANS) After an eighty-year old man living in Delhis upscale Defence Colony succumbed to coronavirus on Wednesday, there are apprehensions that the deceased may have contracted the virus from a Tablighi Jamaat connection.

The deceased was admitted to Delhi's Max Hospital where he was battling for his life. But his relatives didn't expect things to turn this rough, in their worst dreams, ever.

The senior had citizen tested positive with the deadly virus after he came in contact with the security guard of the bungalow, who despite looking healthy was actually infected by the virus after attending the Tablighi Jamaat religious congregation in the Nizamuddin area in mid March.

The guard of the building is suspected to be a member of Tabhlighi Jamaat, whose congregation at Nizamuddin proved to be the 'super spreader' of the virus in India.

Following that police had registered a case against Mustaqim in the Defence Colony police station. Now, as the family is dealing with this severe loss, the needle of suspicion centres around the missing guard. The guard is believed to be a resident of the Okhla area.

Soon after three members of the family tested positive, the guard went missing from April 3. Eye witnesses suggest that he made rounds around the building of the deceased.

Following that, the police registered a case against the guard at the Defence Colony police station.

However, speaking to IANS, Defence Colony RWA President Major Ranjit Singh said that he cannot confirm the source of the infection.

"There are many houses in Defence Colony which are under surveillance. But this is the only house where people tested positive. I know they were admitted to Max Hospital, but it is for the police to investigate how they got the infection," he said.



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