MHA helplines address 5,000 Covid-19 complaints


By NS Desk 14-Apr-2020

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) through its dedicated control room helplines has addressed around 5,000 complaints so far in its effort to help the needy amid the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country.

These queries were addressed by its eight control room helplines being run round-the-clock at its office.

Joint Secretary at the Home Ministry shared the information at a press briefing while assuring that the Central government has also been monitoring the supply of essential goods to the needy during the crisis.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on April 3 introduced two new helpline numbers in its control room to help the needy. Of them, helpline numbers 1930 is an all-India toll-free number and 1944 is dedicated to the Northeast.

Seven other helplines are already active in the Home Ministry control room to respond to the complaints related to Covid-19, which has claimed 353 lives besides infecting over 9,000 people across the country till now.



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