Meet the CMO who struggled to free UP's Pilibhit of coronavirus


By NS Desk 14-Apr-2020

<br>Dr Agrawal belongs to Bareilly and served in the district hospital as gynaecologist & obstetrician. Now posted in Pilibhit for the last three years, Dr Agrawal actively took part in the 25-day campaign against coronavirus, and along with her team of doctors was able to successfully treat the two corona patients reported from the district.

"It was team work -- doctors, nurses, police and administration officials -- joined in to achieve the success," Dr Agrawal told IANS over phone.

She said 37 people belonging to Pilibhit had gone to Mecca for religious purpose. On the way back to India in Mumbai, when the group could not find train reservation, they decided to travel in the general coach. They disembarked at Bareilly and went back to their Amaria village by taxi. According to reports, all of 37 had rubbed off 'home quarantine' stamp on their hands.

Later, one of them, Shakila, 73, complained of coughing and fever. District health officials immediately quarantined her in the district hospital and efforts were made to isolate all the 37 villagers who had gone on the religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. Shakila's sample was sent to Lucknow lab for COVID-19 testing. The village was sealed too," said Dr Agrawal.

As soon as Shakila was confirmed corona-positive, the rest in the group, including her son,Meraj Hussein, too were sent to the isolation ward. "Contact-tracing led us to Shakila's daughter and son-in-law, who too were quarantined. Everyone who came in contact with Shakila, including her tenant, was sent to the isolation ward. This prevented any further spread of the virus," said Dr Agrawal.

"The doctors continuously gave symptomatic treatment to Shakila and her son. We worked very hard on their medical care. Their fourth report declared them free of corona. She was discharged on April 8 and her son, Meraj Hussein, on April 13," said Dr Agrawal.

She expressed her gratitude to the joint team -- CMS, Dr Ratanpal Singh Suman, physician Ramakant Sagar, ENT Surgeon Dr Anil Kumar Mishra and all the nurses and paramedics.


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